Andy Cohen, who is used to being in the middle of overly dramatized cat fights on any number of his Real Housewives... reunion shows, is now finding himself in the middle of so-called parenting experts (see: dad shamers) battling it out on social media every time the new father posts a new picture of his son.

The whole rigamarole dates back to early February, when Cohen took his then 4-day-old son on a private jet as the father and son made their way back to Cohen's New York City residence. Proud of his son and excited for what the future holds, Cohen made the following post to his Instagram:

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Digging the #DadGear !!!

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It didn't take long at all for people to come out and start shaming Cohen for taking his son on a plane just days after being born for a number of reasons. According to a Yahoo! Lifestyle article on Cohen's parental blunders, people didn't really hold back:

"He’s already traveling w/ a newborn,” one user wrote. "No judgments but I don’t think that’s smart.. there’s a nesting period… pls watch for germs lol."

Another commented:

"FYI, your baby like all newborns needs to be wearing a baby hat at all times till he’s about 3- 4 months old," one woman wrote. "I don’t know why new parents don’t know this or aren’t taught this."

And many were worried about little ears, as one user wrote:

"He’s not too young to fly? What about his little ears popping.”

But the shaming didn't stop with the Instagram post from the private jet. A little more than a week after Cohen rocked social media with the jet photo, he found himself in hot water once again when he broke the cardinal rule of parenting and made the following post of his son in his crib:

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Swaddled up...

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The army of shamers were quick to jump on the attack and immediately starting casting judgement because Cohen had a blanket, pillows, and other decorations in his son's crib, which is a big no-no in the parenting world. I'll admit, I know you're not supposed to have a sleeping baby in a crib with anything but a crib sheet, but did these people ask stop and think that maybe, just maybe, Cohen had these items in the crib just as a prop for a photo and not permanent fixtures of his child's sleeping area?

No, probably not.

According to a Yahoo! Lifestyle breakdown of the social media fallout from Cohen's transgressions, people were more than eager to flex on the new dad and earn some bonus points from their fellow shamers. Just look at some of these comments:

"ABC: Alone, on their back, in an empty crib. Get all that extra [stuff] outta there," on person wrote.

"I can imagine you may have had unsolicited advice but just to mention he needs to be in a smaller crib then later move to the cot," a commenter chimed in.

But while there were plenty of comments judging the new dad, some of his followers spoke up to defend Cohen:

"It’s passive-aggressive to offer advice about a baby to the parent who didn’t ask," read one comment. "One said take all the crap out of the crib, another said the sheet wasn’t tight enough. That assumes he’s stupid. He’s so capable and has the best help you could never even dream of. It’s also called parent-shaming. So keep it to yourself, unless specifically asked."

But the biggest takeaway from this whole situation comes from one follower, who said what so many people were afraid to say:

"I wonder if because you are a gay parent you are getting all this unsolicited advice as if you don’t already have a mom who is giving the same advice! A kid would be so lucky to have a fun, warm, loving person like you as a parent."

Going off of that, do you think that all of this judgement is coming down on Cohen because he is a successful gay man or is it because these Instagram users are actually concerned with the wellbeing of Cohen's newborn child?

Let us know in the comments below.


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