As Christopher McCandless, the late subject of the book and film Into the Wild, wrote before his tragic death, "Happiness real only when shared." The happiest memories often emerge from inviting friends or even co-workers into your home for a relaxing get-together. What could possibly ruin the occasion? Kids.

The following stories come from people who learned the hard way that one should proceed with caution when letting another's person's child into their home. Obviously the antagonist of these stories did not know any better at the time, but in our eyes, rudeness is ageless. These are the rudest things adults saw a child do during a visit to their home.

She Brought An Army With Her
She Brought An Army With Her

"My wife had a friend with kids come over and stay at our house. Five kids. The woman let the kids run around our house wherever they wanted, even through doors that were closed which they had been told not to go through. At one point, two girls were in the bathroom and started flushing items, including a brush that got stuck in the bend of the toilet. I never was able to get it out and had to buy a whole new toilet.

At the end of the night, when we were getting the kids ready to go to bed, she took her five kids, sat in the middle of our living room, and sang Christian songs. 'Yes, Jesus Loves Me,' and other horrible things. She then sent the kids to bed and told us we had to go to bed because she didn't want us waking up her kids.

I am not the type of guy who tells his wife what she can and cannot do. But I told her, when they left, that they will never ever be allowed in our house again. She agreed without argument. The woman did try to come back to stay and my wife told her, flat out, she had to stay in a hotel and she could visit them in a public place."

Her Mother Was An Accomplice To Theft
Her Mother Was An Accomplice To Theft

"My mom attempted to hold piano classes in our house once. There was this one time when a mother and her seven-year-old daughter came for an inquiry. All the time the mom and my mom were standing and talking, the daughter was walking around, touching everything, opening all the containers, looking in, playing with things. The mom acted like she didn't see a thing.

The daughter opened a container above our piano, and pulled out sheets of stickers. MY stickers. She really liked them and turned around to ask her mom, 'Mom, can I take these?'

'Yeah, sure!' her mother replied, as if they were THEIRS!!

My mom did not say much and, shy as I was, I didn't say anything either. Over a decade later, I am still angry about the incident. The girl just went ahead and took my stickers!"

These Boys Had A Touch Of Evil
These Boys Had A Touch Of Evil

"My family had a get-together for their coworkers. As was usual for these events, I spent the night anxious as I watched kids break my toys, mess up my room, and generally act like imbeciles. However, on this night, there were two twin boys who were the sons of a new coworker.

They were about 10, ghost-pale, and were white-blond with haircuts that looked like they were administered with a weed-whacker. These kids were homeschool personified. One drank way too much cherry Kool-Aid (I don't think their parents let them have sugary drinks) and just barfed a big red circle into the middle of my bedroom's carpet. I left to tell my folks and, when we returned, the second twin had taken off his shoes, stood in the middle of the puke puddle, and was wiggling his toes in the vomit.

Thank little baby Jesus that I never saw those kids again."

"The Entitled Little Twit Was Never Welcome In My Home Again"

"I had a birthday party sleepover for my 12-year-old daughter. For breakfast, I made pancakes with various toppings and a pile of bacon. I also had a bowl of cut-up fruit, juice, and milk. One of the guests came to the table and looked at it all.

'I don't eat any of this stuff!' she announced.

I told her we had cereal and she checked out the EIGHT different varieties we had.

'Do you have S'mores cereal?' she asked.

When I answered in the negative, she gave a big sigh and said she would have Lucky Charms.

When cleaning up after the party, I found out she also brought silly string and sprayed it everywhere in my basement rec room and didn't clean it up, as well as put a hole in my newly painted wall hauling a recliner around so she could sleep in it. The entitled little twit was never welcome in my home again."

His Cousin Took His Video Game Defeat To Heart
His Cousin Took His Video Game Defeat To Heart

"Everyone has a story from their childhood that still ticks them off. This is mine. I was five years old and my snotty older cousin was over at our house. I had just gotten a copy of the video game Mike Tyson's Punch Out for my birthday. He was getting his butt kicked by King Hippo and he got so angry, he rage quit. But, he didn't just rage quit, he ripped the cartridge out of the Nintendo and spit into it. Then, he threw it across the room and stormed out.

I told my parents what happened. They told his parents and they made him apologize, but the game was still ruined. It would kind-of play, but would freeze up all the time. My family barely had enough money to get me the game for my birthday, let alone buy it again. I was sure I would never be able to play it again.

Then, for Christmas, the little piece of crap got Mike Tyson's Punch Out. Keep in mind, I was five, so I was peeved that Santa brought him a fresh new copy. One of my first thoughts when I realized Santa isn't real was, That means his PARENTS bought him that game?!?

So, my older brother went over to his house and switched our ruined cartridge with his. It was awesome."

Were They Raised In A Trashcan?
Were They Raised In A Trashcan?

"We were having a birthday party for my eight-year-old son. One parent did not RSVP, but showed up with five kids who proceeded to eat all the food. Then, one of the sons became overly aggressive with the piƱata. Two kids were injured - a black eye and a scraped leg.

The mom let the baby walk around with a dribbling bottle. My living room still smells like bad formula. As the family was leaving, each kid grabbed several sodas and juice boxes from the ice chest. So trashy!"

Parents Should Take Much Of The Blame
Parents Should Take Much Of The Blame

"This evil little 4-year-old broke a candlestick holder that had a lot of sentimental value. The vile creature's parents just laughed it off and didn't even apologize. The kid is 13 now and even worse than he was nine years ago.

Another 7-year-old ruined our nice coffee table by placing a drum head over it and going to town. It left terrible scratches in the table. 'Parents of the Year' just stood there and cheered the cretin on, even after I told the kid to stop.

I can't stand parents like these."

"Let's See You Beat Up Someone Your Own Size"

"My mom's friend came over with her husband and kids. I was about 15 or 16 at the time. One of the gremlins (about 7 or 8 years old) ran into my room and started going through my wardrobe, where I kept all my old toys from when I was a kid, and just emptied it all onto the floor, looking for something to play with. After turning my room into a freaking disaster zone, he started shouting at me, saying all my toys were 'gay,' and that he wanted to play on my Xbox. I had never even met this freaking kid. He didn't even say 'Hi' when he walked in.

I picked that little devil up (gently), walked him out of my room, put him down, and then locked the door. About 20 minutes later, I went downstairs to get a drink and the kid's dad approached me.

'Oh, come to have another round with my 8-year-old son, have you?' he said. 'You're such a big man, I'd like to see you do that in front of me.'

I sat down and calmly explained what actually happened. After trying to interrupt me four or five times, he stood up and, basically, did the 'T pose' thing people do when starting a fight, when they don't actually know how to fight.

'Come on then,' he said. 'You're such a big man, let's see you beat up someone your own size.'

He wasn't my own size. He was about 5'4". I gave him a quick jab to the face, gave him a nosebleed, and told him to sit the heck down or get out. He instantly changed his demeanor and looked visibly scared. He looked over to my mom, who had quietly watched this whole thing go down, and gestured toward me, as if he was saying 'Do something!' She just gave him the 'white people smile' and nodded. He sat down.

They left pretty quickly after that. My mom came up to my room, about to pee herself with laughter. I asked her why she had just let that happen.

'I freaking hate that guy and you're twice his size,' she said. 'It's about time somebody gave him a slap.'

Then, she told me to tidy my room. Can't win em all, I suppose."

The Little Girl Would Probably End Up Destroying The Couch Anyway
The Little Girl Would Probably End Up Destroying The Couch Anyway

"I was selling a couch and had a couple and their daughter over to view it. The daughter must have been three or four years old. I had my laptop open on the table, which was located near the couch, as I was doing homework before they came. The parents literally let their kid do whatever she wanted in my place. I didn't mind the running around but when the kid got on the chair and had her hands up ready to smash my laptop, that was it.

I grabbed the kid and pulled her off the chair, threw her to the parents, and said, 'If you're going to buy the couch, come get it tomorrow and, if not, get out of my house.'

Clearly I was not happy about their ignorance to their daughter's behavior, nor the possible destruction of my laptop. The next day, only the husband came by to pick up the couch."

This Infant And His Father Were Like A Two-Man Wrecking Crew
This Infant And His Father Were Like A Two-Man Wrecking Crew

"A friend of mine let his kid play in his crappy diaper all over my house, completely funking it up. Then, he gave us a sob story about how it was too hard for him to get down on the floor to change his own child. When I ignored those hints, he FINALLY, after hours of letting his kid sit in crap, changed him. He left poop-covered wipes all over my carpet.

Then, THEN, his kid threw LEGOs all over my freshly cleaned living room. When I asked my friend to help me clean them up, he said, 'That's what happens when you have LEGOs.'

THEEEENNNNN, he helped himself to our leftovers and ate the last piece of dessert, which was wrapped and in the fridge, while I was outside talking with our other guests. We have moved. He has mentioned more than once about how he still has not 'checked out the new digs.'

Yeah, no kidding, dude. You're not welcome."

Rudeness Is Strong With This One
Rudeness Is Strong With This One

"My son, from the age of five to 12 years old, and I had built every Star Wars LEGO ship together, minus the Falcon, which was to be our next set to build. We even had our own LEGO lingo. He'd say. 'Mom, I need a "twoer by fourer" or a "oner"....' and so on. This was our thing to do, as he has a twin sister, so it was important that I spend quality time with each of them, doing things they each loved to do.

I had invited a friend over who brought her son, whom I will call 'Master Destroyer.' MD was known to be a trouble maker. His father passed away and mommy let him get away with whatever he wanted or did. He was upstairs playing LEGOs with our son while I visited with the mom - my mistake. The next thing I knew, my son came down visibly upset, only for us to find out, MD had picked up every single LEGO Star Wars set we had ever built together and smashed them on the ground. My friend made MD apologize and they left right after.

Our son never touched a LEGO again after that. It wasn't just the destruction of the LEGOs. This kid ruined 'our thing' which brought my son and I together. I still talk to the friend, but have kindly told her that her son isn't welcome over. Even though it has been almost five years since this occurred, his behavior has not changed, nor has the discipline his mom lacks. I refuse to let him take anything else away from my son that he holds dear to him. I have set the legos aside, along with all of the instructions, in hope that one day when he is a father, he will crack open the tubs of legos and have a connection with his kid(s) as we once had.

The Kids Was Like A Little Gremlin
The Kids Was Like A Little Gremlin

"My grandpa had a buddy and his wife over to help us put up some wall framing in my basement. They also had their kid come over too. Ordinarily, I'd think this was fine, even though they didn't tell us.

Less than five minutes after meeting them, the kid put my mom's phone into a bucket of water - no warning or anything. The kid and his parents were practically unphased, while my mom and I were stressing over whether the phone was going to be OK or not. Later on, while I was either helping them put up the walls or do homework, according to my mom, the little kid kicked my freaking dog! This was not a big dog either. It was a chihuahua! I have never wanted to hit a kid before, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't consider it.

The whole thing was not worth the help his parents gave us. My mom had to watch the little gremlin the whole time to make sure he didn't get into anything, especially my room which has quite a few venomous animals which could seriously hurt him."

Little Thief Was Caught Red Handed
Little Thief Was Caught Red Handed

"I invited a girl from my daughter's new school over with her mother. The kid 'swapped' toys with my daughter, despite being told not to by both my daughter and I. Then, she started stealing small toys by shoving them into her underwear. I had to confront the kid and her mother. It was awkward as heck."

He Hit The Jackpot!
He Hit The Jackpot!

"I have a slot machine in my basement. For some reason, we decided to put real quarters in it. Years ago, when this kid came over, he just took around $40 in quarters from it. We didn't want this, so we told him to give it back. He convinced my mom to let him keep $3 in quarters just so he would leave. Once we got to his house, he had like a mansion.

Children Of The Scorn
Children Of The Scorn

"My cousins lived out of town and went to school in the same town I lived, so my aunt would just have her kids go to my house after school. When I was in the fifth grade, she charged my mom $300 to watch my brother as daycare, while I nor my parents got paid to watch her kids. I had to get her kids from school and watch her younger son and older son, who was two years older than me.

The kids would trash the house. They would eat crap like chips and just dump it on the ground and leave the wrappers there. I would spend hours every day picking up trash they left. They also kicked my dogs a lot. When I figured it out, I beat the crap out of my 8-year-old cousin. Twice, they broke our stuff.

One time, they wrestled on my bed and broke a glass object of mine in the process. My aunt said her kid would pay it off. Nothing ever happened. The thing was $15, but some of the glass got stuck in me, which cost my parents $300 or so. They used tweezers to remove some of it, like small shards in my foot, but a bigger piece got stuck in my arm. It has been 17 years and I'm still waiting on that $15. They also made my brother work for $20 when they broke their bench.

Once over the summer, I left and my older cousin just walked into my house and used my Xbox without asking. In fact, all her kids did this. He did this almost every day and played my Xbox while I was asleep. He even invited a friend over without asking. Another time, he came over as I was in the shower and told me later on what happened: he jacked off in my bed, ate the breakfast I was cooking, and broke my Xbox and controller by rage quitting. Needless, to say I lost it.

Another time, that same cousin came over to hang out with his friends and insulted my mom over her appearance. Just like that, my mom's self-confidence dropped. She paid a crap ton of money for weight loss surgery.

My parents wanted to stand up to my aunt, but never did, and the kids just kept on coming over. Years later, after my aunt said that my mom never did anything for her, I lost my crap on her and explained everything mentioned above. My parents weren't poor, and neither was my aunt. Her kids were all just entitled brats and it didn't help that she picked favorites."

If You Think This Kid Is Bad, Wait Until You Meet His Parents
If You Think This Kid Is Bad, Wait Until You Meet His Parents

"We had our daughter's birthday at a park. We had decorations out on a pavilion, so it was obvious we were having a birthday there. A random boy, whom our daughter apparently knew from school, walked up and started eating the cupcakes we set up as our daughter's birthday cake. When we told him to stop, he started screaming.

'Just let him have it,' the boy's father said. 'It'll shut him up.'

I said no and asked them to leave. The father said it was a public park and if we wanted a private party, we should have had it at home. He then let his kid take drinks and food off our table despite us getting really angry about it and yelling at them to back off. I ended up having to physically put myself between our party food and this little menace and his dad and threaten to call the police.

This was our first meeting with that family and, unfortunately, not our last. We live in a small community of about 950 people, and the menace's father is a local tradie. He has been hired by the real estate agent we rent from to fix any and all of our home issues. We have had run-ins with his van tailgating us down the only road into town in thrashing rain, then denying it.

The whole family is psycho. The wife is awkward and stares when she talks and panders to her son. The kid is a little menace who screams bloody murder to get what he wants. The father is an entitled jerk who knows everyone and has very big and loud opinions on everything. They hold court at the local park, the one we had the birthday at, every afternoon with a few other families who sit there, drink, and watch the kids play.

We don't go to that park anymore. I swapped my daughter's schools. We are also moving towns in a few months. All of this is, mainly, because of this family."

Young Baseball Player Strikes Out
Young Baseball Player Strikes Out

"I had two Australian kids staying at my house for a baseball tournament one time. One of them was a chronic bed-wetter but never told us. He stayed for five nights and peed the bed each night without telling us. Instead, each night, he pushed whatever he peed on to the end of the bed.

First night, the sheets. Second night, the actual mattress protector to stop any pee from getting to it (it was a bunk bed that my brothers and I slept on as children). Lastly, he peed directly on the mattress for three nights, ruining the mattress. We had no idea till he left. The real kicker though was when he took a nap on our new couch. He peed all over it and then fled the scene. We assumed the dog had done it, until we saw the bed, that is.

I think that is something you should tell people who open their home to you so they can prepare. Please, don't sleep on the couch if you know you have a problem. Not trying to shame anyone for this kind of stuff because I feel like it's more common than most people realize and I honestly just feel bad for him. I just wish he could have been honest with us so we could have helped him out a bit."

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