A Texas Roadhouse near Louisville, Ky. has found itself at the center of some controversy after the restaurant's manager allegedly tossed a napkin over a baby's head as its mom was breastfeeding in late 2018.

Now the mom, Sadie Durbin, is suing the restaurant for "extreme and severe emotional distress," after the manager, David Mitchell, threw a napkin on the baby's head and told her to cover up while she breastfed, according to the New York Post.

Photo courtesy of Sadie Durbin

When Durbin left the restaurant, she went home and wrote the following Facebook post:

“So it happened… after nursing my children all over the city of Louisville (and many others) for 4+ years, it happened to me. David Mitchell, a manager at the Texas Roadhouse on Shelbyville Road, brought me a napkin and tried lying it over my 7-week-old nursing infant’s face as he explained that he had another patron complain and that he really needed me to cover up. I politely explained to him it is against the law for him to ask me to cover up and that I was well within my rights to feed my baby.”

But the post was quickly made private after Durbin received over 32,000 comments and 34,000 shares, according to People.com. During an interview with the publication, Durbin said the she experienced the following treatment:

“Men telling me that they’re going to urinate in my mouth if they see me nursing my baby. Women telling me they’re going to throw hot coffee on me if they see me nursing my baby. There’s just been a lot of hate, and I think it kind of overshadows the support, but I have gotten a lot of support,” she says.

Texas Roadhouse issued a formal apology shortly after the incident, reading:

“[Texas Roadhouse] supports the rights of all mothers to breastfeed their children in public, including in our restaurants. Unfortunately, our manager’s handling of this situation was misguided and wrong.”

A spokesperson stated that Mitchell took time off from the restaurant in the wake of the incident after he received multiple death threats.

So, what do you think about all of this? Did Mitchell have any right to throw a napkin on a baby's head as it nursed? Did Durbin have any right suing Texas Roadhouse?

Make sure to sound off in the comments below.


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