In this day and age, we are often afforded the opportunity to get back at those who have brought embarrassment, malice, and turmoil to our day to day lives. And what better way to achieve that goal than to destroy those people on social media.

That's exactly what one new mom recently did after she caught a man on a flight sending negative comments about her to one of his friends. And while she didn't address the letter to the man who made her the butt of his joke, this mom hopes that somehow, some way, her intended target reads the letter and understand what it's like to be shamed.

Katie Kiacz via Facebook

This all started when Katie Kiacz boarded a flight from Orlando to Detroit in January. As she was getting into her seat, she noticed that the man next to her was texting rude comments about her to a friend, referring to her as a "2-ton woman."

Kiacz confronted the man while still on the flight, but she felt that wasn't enough and penned the following Facebook (since deleted) post.

Photo courtesy of Katie Kiacz

The post reads:

 “Dear Man on flight DL1723,

You referred to me as a ‘2-ton woman.’ You told your friend soon as I boarded and you saw me that it was ‘not good.’ When I confronted you saying ‘I am not two tons but I did just have a baby,’ you sighed and got up to use the bathroom then quietly asked the flight attendant for a different seat.

I’m glad there were not any. I bet you didn’t tell her why you wanted to sit elsewhere, that you said something so heartless and were confronted. You did not apologize. You did not even acknowledge my existence throughout the remainder of the flight. That’s fine. I do not need your validation. So why am I posting? To call you out. Because I do not exist to please you. Because I will take up as much space as I want. Because even when confronted you did not think you were in the wrong, that you did not need to apologize.

I’m glad you had to sit next to me the entire two-hour flight, I’m only sorry I couldn’t take up more space. As a woman, I am sick of this s--t. Would he have said that had I been a man? Or had my daughter and husband with me? I don’t know. But women deal with these attitudes and behavior more than men, that I do know. And I. Am. Over. It.

Oh, and this post is public. I hope a woman in his life sees this and is able to explain to him why his behavior was inappropriate. Not that I think it’ll make a difference.”

Kiacz eventually made the post private, but not before it was shared over 102,000 times and received over 85,000 comments.

Yahoo Lifestyle reported that Kiacz made a follow up post the next day thanking everyone for their support throughout the ordeal, writing:

"The outpouring love and support has been unreal," Kiacz wrote. "In that moment, I was shaking with anger, I was overcome by sadness, and for a moment I was ashamed and self-conscious."

Kiacz also hopes that something good will come out of all of this, and maybe this will be a lesson to people to start treating people with a little more respect.

"I think we have all said something unkind at one time or another, and this is just a reminder that we do not know the battles people are fighting and that we just need to be a little kinder to each other," Kiacz wrote.

How would all of you handled this situation? Would you have let this guy get away with shaming you? Would you have called him out in person? Would you have called him out on Facebook?

Make sure to let us know in the comments below.


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