It might be hard to believe, but there have been multiple confirmed outbreaks of Measles throughout the United States this year. Yes, the very Measles virus that was supposedly eliminated in 2000 is being passed around communities like a some kind of sick hot potato in 2019.

With outbreaks in Washington, Texas, Illinois, and Georgia infecting children and adults alike, it's safe to say that people are looking for ways to prevent the virus from spreading to their families. The easiest way to prevent the virus is to get the readily available MMR vaccine, which has a success rate of between 93 and 97 percent, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

You would think that it would be easy to prevent your children from contracting the highly contagious virus, and in a perfect, rational world, you'd be correct. But we don't live in a perfect world where science and rational though triumphs. No, unfortunately, we share this planet with the anti-vaxxer community.

And that's what brings us to our latest example of anti-vaxxers disregarding science and putting their children's lives in danger. Just take a look this question that an anti-vaxxer mom recently asked the Natural Health Anti-Vaxx Community Facebook group:

"My 3 year old is not vaccinated and there is currently a measles outbreak in my state. Any suggestions for precautions I can take to protect her would be very much appreciated."

We can't access the Facebook page due to it being a closed and private group, but that didn't stop the Richard Dawkins Foundation from tweeting a screenshot of the mom's plea to its nearly 100,000 followers.

And it didn't take long for Twitter to jump on this train wreck as soon as the account tweeted the screenshot with the caption: 'Can anyone guess how this person could protect their child from the measles?'

Take a look at some of the harshest responses:

And the harshest comment has to go to this guy:

Although it's fun to poke fun anti-vaxxers for their misguided judgement, measles and putting your children at risk of contracting such a preventable virus is no laughing matter. Parents, don't be dumb... Get your kids vaccinated.

Who knows, they might even get to live to become adults.


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