Parents love their children, no matter what. However, there comes a time when not even the most loving parent can sit back and think nothing of rather odd and disturbing comments their children make. There has to be a line.

The parents in the following stories know that all too well as they recently found themselves in that very situation. Sit back and read some of the craziest things parents have heard come out of their kids' mouths. All posts have been edited for clarity.

What Do You Mean
What Do You Mean "Guys In The Woods"?

"I was watching my (at the time) 5-year-old nephew and newborn niece when my nephew said, 'There's a bunch of guys in the woods,' while looking out the back of the house.

'Guys? What do mean guys?'

The house butts up against the rail road with about 50 yards of woods in between. No one should have been out there.

'There's a bunch of guys in the woods. They're coming up to the house.'

So now I'm worried. I'm thinking home invasion, as it was common at the time. I go to look and I do, in fact, see figures in the distance headed toward our house. My protective mother instincts kick in tell the kids to go play in the basement and lock the door. I armed myself with anything that I could find. Once back at the window, I got a very clear view at the "bunch of guys".

It's a herd of deer, about eight or nine of them. He had me fearing for my life over Bambi."

Sweet Kid With
Sweet Kid With "Fundamental Problems"

"Not my kid, but my nephew. He's 10 years old and is being taken out of school for homeschooling. He's had major trouble learning and fitting into the classroom in general.

The 'weird kid' aspect is this 'crush' that he has on a girl in his class. I hesitate to say crush, because it's full on creepy 10-year-old stalking. His parents have had probably 30 talks with him about moving on and that this girl does not, will not ever. see him as anything positive and that he needs to get over it. He has seen two different counselors who recommend he be taken out of any situation in which he might be around her, because he's completely obsessed with her.

This causes him to have a panic attack, because it's 'part of his identity.' His exact words were: 'If I'm not the boy who likes her, then I don't even know who I am. That's me, I'm the boy who likes her.'

He isn't allowed to have any type of electronics that can take pictures, because he took his iPod to school and took a bunch of pictures of this girl.

His parents are worried about where this will go, so to try and combat it, they have pulled him out of school and he's in serious counseling. He's a sweet kid, but holy crap does he have some major fundamental problems."

That's Quite A First Sentence
That's Quite A First Sentence

"My 3-year-old grandson has babbled about planes going down since he started talking. He would reenact (with toys) a plane chasing another plane and as the first suddenly dropped to the ground he'd yell in a heart-rending scream, 'OH NO WE'RE GOING DOWN!' This was his first sentence. He did this over and over.

Early this summer, he's 3 and I'm reading him a bedtime story. I pause and look up at him and he said to me, 'Granny, I was a pilot, my plane was the Kitty Hawk. I splashed into the water when they shotted off my wing and shotted off my face.'

It almost stopped my heart.

He looked so troubled and sad. I told him that he had done his best and I was very proud of him and that he was only a little boy now and needed to not worry about that but if he needed to talk about it he could anytime. I just hugged him.

I researched and Kitty Hawks were used by almost every country early in WW2."

That's Not Weird, Not At All
That's Not Weird, Not At All

"My nephew is fascinated with anything science based, but slow with the normal stuff: potty-training, talking, writing, etc. All the normal stuff took forever for him to grasp, but when it comes to science he is a genius.

You know that disappointed look of, 'Oh, it's just clothes' you expect from young children who get clothes as a birthday present? We get that for toys, 'Oh it's just toys.' For his 4th birthday, he wanted a chemistry set and fossils. For Christmas the same year, he got an electronics set, he couldn't read the instructions, but sat for hours matching the pieces by appearance to those in the schematics and happily built circuits (it was only basic crap, like a light bulb and a button to turn it on - but still at 4 and on his own I was pretty impressed). From as early as he could express an opinion, he wanted documentaries on TV rather than cartoons, usually nature or biology but was happy with anything scientific. For bedtime stories, he wanted physiology and anatomy books!

Here's where it gets creepy:

My parents have a conservatory on the back of their house. One door to the house, one to the garden, both usually locked with keys in the house. He asks me to get something from in there, I unlock door from house and go in to get whatever it was, (nephew) locks door behind me so I'm trapped in there. He ignores my requests to be let out and just goes back to watching TV. Five minutes later, my sister comes in, after a few minutes of amusement that I had been outsmarted by a little kid, she asks, '(Nephew) could you let Uncle (Me) out please?'

His response, 'No I want him to stay in there forever. And please don't feed him, I'm going to watch him starve.'

There is a big forest by us we often go for walks in, if we find any bones we have to take them home for him. He's six now and on his bedroom shelf where there should be a teddy bear or a Buzz Lightyear he has rabbit hips and a skull.

There are a lot of Foxgloves in the forest too (which is a flower that contains digitoxin and ingesting them will make you very sick then stop your heart), so one he and I were walking along looking for bugs and things. He pointed the flowers out to me and said, 'Hey Uncle (Me), do you know what they are, because I do.'

I obviously do, but decided to let him have his moment and show off his knowledge,'No (Nephew) I don't, what are they?'

He looked at me suspiciously trying to decide if I was playing along or if he was really going to astound me. I put on my best dumb face and he said, 'Uncle (Me) you should try eating them!'


'So I can watch your heart stop.'

My sister also had a rabbit. She had owned since before he was born, so he and this rabbit had been friends his entire life. The rabbit was old and sick, so my sister took it to the vet. The diagnosis was cancer and it had to be put down. They could have done it there and then, but my sister chose to wait until the next day so she take it home for the night, explain to the kids and let them say goodbye. She explained that Mr. Rabbit wasn't doing great and had to go to the vet tomorrow to be put to sleep...

My nephew, looked distraught, 'But... but... Mummy you'll bring him home again right? So we can still keep him in his cage and watch him rot?'"

"We're All In The Same Cage"

"I came home from work one night to find my darling 2-year-old blonde daughter standing at the top of the stairs staring up at the full moon in her jammies, teddy bear in hand. She should have been in bed by this time.

Not wanting to scare her, I walked up the stairs, knelt down next to her and asked her what she was thinking about. I was imagining she would say something childish like, 'Is the moon really made of cheese, Daddy?' or something cute like that.

Instead, she turns to face me with a very serious look in her face and in a very serious and creepy monotone voice says to me, 'We are all in the same cage!'

She was only 2 years old! I nearly died of fright. I literally recoiled from her and ran back down the stairs backwards. I couldn't believe it. She said a few more creepy things like that, but it stopped after a while.

That was 12 years ago. She has since turned into a very happy and well adjusted teenager who is only slightly in league with Satan."

That Noise She Made
That Noise She Made

"My niece brought a girl to a sleep over about two years ago. My mom and I were downstairs and the girls had been asleep for about three hours when we both heard talking.

It was this really high pitched exaggerated baby talk. It wasn’t even any actual words, just a bunch of random noises. I went to the bottom of the stairs and looked up and the girl was looking down the hallway speaking gibberish in that weird voice.

I asked her, 'What are you doing?' She turned to look at me and moved from the doorway to the top of the stairs. She stared me straight in the eye while she just let loose and peed down the stairs.

Then she said, 'I’d like to go home now,' in her normal voice. This was at like midnight, so we had to call her dad to come get her.

He's a family friend so when we asked him what was up, he said that his daughter said she was talking to someone upstairs who said that she wasn’t allowed to use the bathroom. No one was upstairs apart from my niece and the girl, and my niece slept through the whole thing.

We just got new carpets fitted on the stairs after that."

Her Son's Comment Had Her Fearing
Her Son's Comment Had Her Fearing "Tomorrow"

"When my son was 3, he had an existential crisis. He had just discovered death, and every night as I was going to sleep, he would fixate on the fact that everyone is going to die.

A lifelong atheist, I found myself talking to him about heaven, just hoping something would reassure him and make him worry less and maybe go to sleep for a few hours. But this nightly anxiety attack over the inevitability of death went on for months.

One night, I've calmed him down, he's quiet for a long time, I think he's finally asleep, I'm about to tiptoe out of the room, when loud and clear he says:


I knew this was just lis latest bout of worry, but he said it with such conviction I spent the whole next day holding my breath. Maybe he knew something I didn't!"

Who Was He Talking To? Who Was He Feeding?
Who Was He Talking To? Who Was He Feeding?

"My 2-year-old son has a motion-activated night light in his room. One night, he wouldn't fall asleep. He kept 'talking' to someone/something and was playing. He hadn't eaten much for dinner, so I decided to get him up for a midnight snack. I made him some macaroni and cheese and fed it to him from a bowl as he sat on the couch and watched tv with me.

Suddenly, the motion light turned on in his room, unprovoked. Odd, but whatever. It turned off again, and we went back to watching tv. Suddenly, my son stops, and looks down the dark, empty hall leading to his bedroom. His face lit up and he says, 'Hi!' He runs up to the darkness, and starts babbling to it, talking to it.

Then he runs back, grabs his fork, puts some mac and cheese on it, runs back to the darkness and holds his fork up to it, like he's trying to feed it. He started getting impatient that 'it' wasn't eating, but kept baby talking it. Finally he gives up, waves and says, 'Buh bye!' And then goes back to watching tv like nothing happened.

This happened just a few months ago. We had a few more experiences with the nightlight and him playing and 'talking' instead of falling asleep, or standing in his room, trying to hand toys to nothing and talking to no one, but it only lasted a week or two, and everything's back to normal now. He has a paternal brother who died over a decade ago, so when weird stuff like this happens, we just tell ourselves it's him paying his little brother a visit.

She Was Like Something Out Of A Disney Movie
She Was Like Something Out Of A Disney Movie

"My daughter had a sleepwalking phase from about 3 to 6 years old. One night, I fell asleep with my bedside lamp on. At around 1 am, I woke up suddenly to find her standing beside my bed laughing. Full on 'evil character in a Disney movie about to murder her stepdaughter' laugh.

I said her name and got no response. So I got up, took her hand, led her back to her room and tucked her in. She stopped laughing as soon as she was in bed, and was fast asleep immediately. She had no memory of it the next morning.

I’m glad I fell asleep with the light on, it was scary enough seeing what was happening, would have been terrifying in the dark!"

What About The Nosebleed?
What About The Nosebleed?

"One night, my husband had gone out with friends and I had settled in for some Netflix after the kids went to bed. My son got up and walked past the bathroom to where I was sitting then stopped. He had dead eyes. I asked him if he was ok, did he need the bathroom, did he have a bad dream, and although he turned his face towards me he didn't answer and his expression didn't change. It was like he was possessed or zombified.

I led him into the bathroom and he followed easily enough but just stood by the toilet. When I told him to pull down his pants he did, but I still had to say 'now go pee,' like he couldn't figure it out on his own. He would follow direct orders but not answer questions, wouldn't talk at all and had a dead expression the entire time. I was getting more and more frantic trying to get him to respond to me or show that he could hear me, I called my husband and told him he needed to come home, something wasn't right. Sat on the side of the tub panicking and almost crying and he just stood there and watched me.

After about 15 minutes, he tilted his head, and blood started running out of his nose and down his face. No reaction out of him at all. I grabbed a handful of toilet paper, shoved it under his nose and told him to hold it - he did, blank faced, then picked my phone up to call 911. Before I was done dialing my son said, 'Mom? What's going on?'

It was so unexpected and my tensions were so high I jumped and almost screamed. I told him he was having a nosebleed, he said he didn't remember anything at all. He was asleep in his bed and woke up in the bathroom with his mom crying and his nose bleeding. That was the day I realized my kid was a sleepwalker and I was a total wimp of a mom."

He Just Kept Up With The Creepy Comments
He Just Kept Up With The Creepy Comments

"My oldest son is almost 4 years old and has had his creepy tendencies. Starting when he was just learning to talk. He would walk by the bottom of the stairs at my mom's house, get startled and stare like someone was trying to get his attention at the top and then would wave, sometimes smile or laugh, then continue on.

The second one was when my brother came to stay the weekend at our house about a year ago now. He wanted Uncle Bryce to stay in his room with him the one night. It was sweet; they were both laying down and my brother was reading him a book. I went to the door after giving my son a kiss goodnight and he said, 'Mommy, can you close the door all the way tonight so the man doesn't look in?'

I looked at my brother, freaked out, and as a skeptic he just said, 'I don't want to think about it. Night.'

The most recent happened a month or two ago. I was finishing up some last minute cleaning before bed and was taking a garbage bag out to our cans behind our house. It was dark out but he wanted to hold the door for me. I thanked him and he stood on the side stoop and watched me while I walked the bag out. As soon as I got to the cans, he said, 'Be careful, the shadow man likes to hide where it's dark.' I threw the bag in, booked it to the house and yelled at him to not say stuff like that. He looked confused as to why I was yelling.

I calmed down and said it would just scare him talking like that before bed. In reality, I was super freaked out and couldn't control myself."

He Didn't Want The Angels To
He Didn't Want The Angels To "Find Him"

"I used to babysit for my neighbors. Their youngest son was at an age where he innocently wanted to know what came after death, so I told him about what some different religions believe. He especially liked how many different versions of angels there were (in the meta sense, so Christian angels, Valkerie, etc.), and he kept giggling when I'd describe another one.

His sister was having none of it and I assumed she was just a young skeptic, probably to grow up to be an atheist.

I closed the door to their room and just as I did, I hear her say to her brother:

'He doesn't know anything about what happens after death. Heaven doesn't exist, but the angels do and they are different!'

And her brother asks, 'Different? How?'

I hear small feet move to his bed and after a moment he starts wailing, so I reopen the door. She's sitting next to him whispering in his ear, and he looks utterly terrified. I sent her back to bed with instructions not to get up again, and took him to the living room to calm him down, and asked him what she'd said. He refused to tell me, but for weeks afterwards, he'd make me search all around their room, and in his dresser because 'I don't want the angels to find me!'"

There's Someone In The Bathroom
There's Someone In The Bathroom

"My 12-year-old comes up to me visibly shaken and says that she thinks she saw someone in the bathroom. I asked her to clarify and she said when she walked past, it looked like some one ducked into the shower. Mind you, it was just her and I at home at that time, since my husband was at work.

We have a doberman named Rango, and I have him follow me to the hallway where the bathroom is. My adrenaline is pumping hard, and as I quietly and slowly crept to the bathroom. I stopped a few feet away from the door and looked at Rango. He looks at me and I point to the bathroom.

He understood loud and clear what I wanted, and he looks at the bathroom and slowly and carefully stalked towards the bathroom with the fur on his back raised. When I saw him react like this, I was CONVINCED someone was in there and my heart started racing.

Once he made it over the bathroom threshold, he paused, and leaned his body in as he sniffed the air, and one step at a time, he slowly crept in leaning and sniffing.

Once he made it all the way in, he became more comfortable and relaxed and looked in the shower sniffing around, then he just looked at me like, 'Really?' and did that huff thing dogs do through their nose, and walked right passed me out of the bathroom looking somewhat irritated.

But for good measure, I had him check the rest of the rooms, just in case."

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