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Kids will be kids, right? Well, that's an easier fact to swallow when you don't have someone else's kids causing chaos in your house.

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No One Was Allowed To Tell Her Little Princess No, Not Even Her

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No One Was Allowed To Tell Her Little Princess No, Not Even Her

"My friend has no boundaries with her year old daughter -- to the point that she yells at me for telling the daughter off. I had just bought a house so she and her daughter came over to see it. During the afternoon, the daughter gets bored and starts grabbing my DVDs off the shelves and jumping on them. My friend looks at me laughing and says, 'Oh, she's so sweet isn't she?'

I laugh back, 'You know you will be replacing all of those right?' She didn't like this and told her daughter that I was uptight and mean and that's why she can't have fun in my house.

On a side note, the daughter has done this to mutual friends' of ours only with food and other items as well as the DVDs. My friend got told the same thing but still doesn't understand why people don't like her coming over to their houses."

He Needed Some Serious Home Training Before He'd Be Allowed Back Here Again

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He Needed Some Serious Home Training Before He'd Be Allowed Back Here Again

"A 'friend' of ours, whose son was the same age as ours, was in the middle of potty training him. When she'd come over, she'd take his nappy off and allow him to walk around the house to encourage him to use the potty. Well, this kid was nowhere close to being ready to potty train and regularly and profusely peed all over our floor. We had to throw an expensive rug away because of that kid."

It Was Her Most Prized Possession, So Of Course That Brat Wanted To Ruin It

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It Was Her Most Prized Possession, So Of Course That Brat Wanted To Ruin It

"When I was about 4 years old, I got a stuffed rabbit wearing pajamas from a family friend of ours. We lived in a house that was over a hundred years old, and my parents found the original family who lived there (or rather, their descendants) and we became friends. We called her Aunt Janie, even though she wasn't related.

So Aunt Janie sent me the rabbit in pajamas, and I took him everywhere. It took serious work for me not to take him to school. His fur was white as snow, so I named him Sugar.

Sugar was my bro. I told him everything, which as a military kid who moved every year and never got to make serious friends, ended up being quite a bit. Sugar and I loved watching the fish tank my mom had got me, I would just put my rocking chair up right in front of the tank and it was better than TV to me.

So we moved to the armpit of the US, a little town called Altus, Oklahoma. There was a girl next door who didn't seem very nice, but she had a trampoline, so I was willing to deal with it, on the hopes of getting those sweet, sweet jumpy jumps.

She came over to our house first, just as a 'getting to know you' first introduction, and Sugar was pulling recon with me. She asked if she could see my rabbit, and I thought hard: Could I trust her? Should I do it so we could be friends and jump on the trampoline? I decided it couldn't hurt, after all, we were on Sug and my home turf.

I no sooner handed her my best friend than she snatched him away, tore off both of his arms and ripped him from stem to stern.

It was a long time in my life before I knew pain like that again."

When The Adults Are Away, The Teens Will Play


When The Adults Are Away, The Teens Will Play

"We had an 18-year-old living with us. K, we'll call her. She had been living with us off and on since she was about 16 and her mother took off. When K was 18, she wanted her boyfriend, D, to move in because he was homeless. We said ok. Everything was fine for a few months. They weren't paying rent but as long as they were trying to get their lives together, we were ok with it. In February, my husband and I went on a trip. We were going to be gone for 5 weeks. We invited the girl to come with us on the trip and told the boy he had two choices. He could leave, or he could stay as long as he watched the house and looked after the cat. He said he wanted to stay and would look after the house. Ok. So we leave.

The girl was a nightmare on the trip. She cried and was miserable. So we sent her back after two weeks.

We ended up being gone seven weeks. We came back and found the house was a disaster. There was no food in the house. No toilet paper. No clean towels. Half my jewelry was gone. My make up was gone. My perfume. The house hadn't been cleaned. The hardwood floor was damaged. The countertops were stained. There were empty bottles everywhere, sticky red stuff all over the floor. We found a bunch of illegal prescriptions in their room. My cat had lost almost a pound, which was a lot for an 8-pound cat.

We've been back a week and I still keep finding stuff missing. I cried the first day we came back. It didn't even look like they were living here anymore. Once the food and supplies ran out, I suspect they just pretty much moved out but left all their crap here. My husband invited them over and told them they had five days to get their crap and get out.

D actually whined about getting kicked out, 'But I don't have anywhere to go.' Too bad.

This destroyed my trust in helping people. No matter how nice people seem, they can always betray you and never even think twice.

None of these kids were related to us. We had no reason to help them, but we did and we paid for it in the end."

This Trip Absolutely Stank

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This Trip Absolutely Stank

"I live on a boat. It's a cargo ship built in 1924 and it was converted into a live-aboard in the 50's but it's still technically a boat. We sail on it every summer pretty much. The first thing we tell guests is to be conservative with water because we have tanks that need to be filled and to not put ANYTHING in the toilets. The plumbing is much narrower than in a house and we have septic tanks that don't handle cellulose very well. It's not even a problem because we have trash cans everywhere. Basically, the idea is if you didn't eat it or drink it first, then it has no business being in the toilet. Yet some people just don't get it or don't care that our tanks and pump can't handle toilet paper. Usually, it's a case of a slip-up or just general absent-mindedness.

Long story short: people with a young kid came over and the kid needed a diaper change. The mom proceeded to shove dirty diapers and wet wipes into the toilet despite there being a very obvious sign and a trash can 20 cm away. Obviously the next day everything died and we had to pull the whole toilet-plumbing-tank-pump system apart. Also, it was the middle of summer, so yeah, that was fun. Needless to say, they were not invited over again."

No One Can Ruin A House Quite Like A Kid


No One Can Ruin A House Quite Like A Kid

"A friend of mine broke up with her husband and stopped at my place one night while driving across the country with her two young kids and her entire house packed up.
There wasn't any notice but she's a friend so I didn't hesitate to open my door, feed, wash, and give her everything they needed.
Next morning I had to go to work. I absolutely had to. She was like no problem, I'll lock up on the way out.

I came home to a trashed house.

She took a nap but the kids didn't. There was maple syrup on the carpets of three rooms and most surfaces, because of the kids, my cats, and all that syrup...Condiments were strewn across the kitchen, which was also flooded with milk. The cereal was found in and under the couches. The poor kids tried to make breakfast.

What ticked me off was that she saw the mess when she woke and she just bolted."

Lesson Learned: Never Trust A Child In The Kitchen

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Lesson Learned: Never Trust A Child In The Kitchen

"I hosted a baby shower at my house for my best friend. Tammy, a family member of the mom-to-be, brought her 7(ish) year old daughter. No biggie.

I had the perfect setting for the baby shower: a nice open living room already decorated for Christmas with my beautifully decorated tree by the large picture window. Plenty of space and seating for the guests. Plus, I love to entertain.

Tammy's child starts messing with my tree decorations, most of which are glass and porcelain. I, with the desire to not be confrontational at a baby shower, mention to Tammy that her child is playing my very breakable Christmas ornaments. She nonchalantly tells me not to worry about it as her child won't break any of them and doesn't say a word to her kid.

Uh...ok. I start taking the ones that have sentimental value off the tree.

Toward the end of the shower, after nearly everyone has left, I hear this metallic clinking sound coming from my kitchen. I realize it's the sound of silverware clanging together. I take a mental inventory and determine that it's the kid. She's in my kitchen playing with my CLEAN silverware in my kitchen drawer.

Tammy is sitting near the doorway to the kitchen WATCHING her. I tell Tammy that there is a drawer full of kitchen knives in there and her kid needs to leave my utensils alone. Tammy says, 'Oh, she'll be careful. She knows better than to mess with knives,' as I listen to my drawers open and close. Tammy did nothing. She never said a word to the kid. She just kept letting her fondle all my clean silverware with her grimy, 7-year-old, booger encrusted hands.

They left shortly thereafter. It was the first time I ever encountered a mom who thinks her child farts rainbows and glitter. If I had to do it over, I would not have been so meek in the name of politeness. Ah...the follies of youth."

This Kid Definitely Left His Mark On His House


This Kid Definitely Left His Mark On His House

"When I was around 10 or 11, my dad brought over some old friend of his and his son (around my age, a kid I had never met before), and basically told us kids to 'go off and play.' When we were in my room, the other kid pulled out a big knife he had just bought (relax, there's no blood involved in this story), and started slicing the ever-loving crap out of my desk.

I was just amazed. To me, my dad had tried to teach me to take care of my stuff, and show respect to other people's belongings -- including furniture. So when this kid started going AWOL and slicing my desk all over 'to test his blade' like a tiny Freddy Krueger, I didn't know what to think or to say. I only thought, ' just don't do that..!' and ended up saying nothing, just staring at the incident in amazement."

Those Kids Weren't Even Invited To This Party

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Those Kids Weren't Even Invited To This Party

"It was my birthday. I had a few friends over and we had a good night of BBQ, drinks, games, that kinda thing.

Around 11 pm, a casual friend texts and asks if he can stop by after work with a friend. Sure, no problem.

Around 1 am, he shows up. He's got an armload of brews and three young-looking boys with him.

He goes outside to have a smoke and his pals plop down in the living room. My friends and I are watching something on YouTube when one of these dudes makes a pretty awful assaulting women joke.

My head snaps around and I fix him with a cold stare. 'Excuse me,' I say. 'I don't know who the heck you are, but you don't come into my home and spout crap like that.'

The kid shrugs and says, 'It was funny.'

Nope. Not having it. 'How old are you?'

'...17...' He cringes. His buddies know what's coming.

I get up, find my stupid friend and demand that he take his underage friends, his drinks, and his moronic self out of my home.

I thought that was it. Shortly afterward, my friends and I decide we are done and call it a night.

The next morning I awake to texts from a friend. Apparently, he'd thought it was a good idea to drop off his teenaged friends and come back an hour later:

'I'm here.'


'Wow really?'

'I thought you were cool.'"

They Swore They'd Never Babysit This Brat Again


They Swore They'd Never Babysit This Brat Again

"We used to babysit a kid for one of my mom's coworkers who worked the nights sometimes, so he'd spend the night and we'd drive him to school the next day. This was in grade school. The kid was a little prick. To keep it short, he:

--- pushed me into our pool while I was in my pajamas and it was like 45 degrees out,

--- ran around screaming,

--- was a constant annoyance to my mother and 'forgetting' something at home that she handed to him on our way out the door,

--- and worst of all, WORST of all, went into my room. I emphasize this because he was informed several times not to do this. Particularly because I had just recently finished my largest LEGO yet --- a Star Wars Star Destroyer, my pride and joy --- and was keeping it on the far side of my room on the other side of my bed because I knew he was going to be there. It wasn't exactly a convenient place to walk to, so it was supposed to be a perfect spot. He went in my room one day and stomped all over it, and stomped on it when I was shouting at him to get out of my room (instead of climbing over my bed to avoid doing more damage) destroying what had taken me a decent amount of time to finish. I was crushed, heartbroken. It was my favorite LEGO set of all time.

Christian, you suck."

Finders Keepers Didn't Apply To This Mom


Finders Keepers Didn't Apply To This Mom

"When I was quite young, around 10-11, I invited the scabby kid from school to my house because he was fairly new. We played PS2 and I was happy because I just got Need for Speed Most Wanted. He asked to borrow it and I said no as I'd just gotten it. However, when I beat the game, I said sure, he could borrow it then.

Anyway, he left and I got this air of suspicion about me. I decided to take a look at my shelf and the box because the game was slightly pulled out. I liked my shelves neat and tidy. Then, I checked the case and lo and behold, it was empty.

I ran after him downstairs and challenged him, but he claimed he had no idea what happened to it. I felt awkward and let him go. I told my mum, who immediately got me in the car, pursued him until we found him walking, and she straight up throttled this kid until he admitted his crime and handed over the game.

I learned that day that my mum HATES thieves."

Even The Mother Needed To Be Taught Some Manners


Even The Mother Needed To Be Taught Some Manners

"My mother had a friend who had the most annoying kids on earth. They literally take food out of our fridge and eat it without permission. They splash water in our bathroom, making a mess and once, her son took sunflower seeds from our kitchen and started eating and spitting the shells on our couch. His mother just looked at him and laughed. My mother was looking at her like, 'Are you freaking kidding me?'

Needless to say, that was the last visit."

They Were Ultimately Shunned For Trying To Scold This Child


They Were Ultimately Shunned For Trying To Scold This Child

"My aunt in law's little girl (4 or 5 at the time) threw a rather heavy dog toy at my brand new flat screen TV. It bounced off it. The screen flashed on impact but then went back to normal. I was incredibly calm in all seriousness. I said, 'Honey don't throw things toward the TV.' That's it. The mom overheard me say this.

They left within about 20-30 minutes after. I used to go to their birthday parties. I was Santa for these kids every year up until this point. I haven't really seen them again for three years. All because I very politely asked a kid to not throw crap at my $800 TV."

This Really Shouldn't Have Been A

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This Really Shouldn't Have Been A "Bring Your Kid To Work" Type Of Day

"I had a contractor build my deck many years ago. He brought his wife and children on the last two days of work, his wife sat in the car and his kids hung out in our unfinished muddy backyard. Then he asked if his little girls could play IN my house because the yard was messy. I was at work but said yes go ahead and let them inside. His wife fixed lunch and dinner in there and they made themselves at home. When the deck was done, he overcharged me because he said I had too much money and he needed to support his wife and children. It turns out he thought if the family was there, I wouldn't discuss financial issues with him. He directly told me that. I did discuss the overcharge, paid him what we agreed upon, not the extra amount. As a thank you for hiring him, he accused me of being a selfish, greedy person. Sigh."

The More The Merrier?

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The More The Merrier?

"My husband's niece decided to come from out of town and visit. Which was fine. I'm an early riser and have sleeping trouble, so when I can get sleep, it's important I do so.

So this niece decided she wants to leave at midnight because she was traveling with a baby and toddler. Only, she didn't live far away enough that it made any sense to leave that late.

So, without notice or informing us what time they'd be arriving, they showed up at 3 am, with both her kids and boyfriend in tow, fully expecting to be hosted and entertained."

They Didn't Appreciate This Little Surprises This Guest Left Behind


They Didn't Appreciate This Little Surprises This Guest Left Behind

"My cousin's girlfriend was the absolute worst. Instead of walking to the garbage bin and throwing away her kid's dirty diapers, she would leave them hidden all over the house like some kind of messed up Easter egg hunt."

Her Child's Bathroom Habits Weren't Even Close To Being Normal

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Her Child's Bathroom Habits Weren't Even Close To Being Normal

"We had a friend's kid PEE in the corner of our living room while we had a birthday party. We knew it was him and when we brought it up to his mom, she insisted it wasn't him. Then she went on a long rant about how at her house he always pees in the tub or goes outside to pee and won't use the toilet. The kid was about 6 years old."

It's A Good Thing These Relatives Were

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It's A Good Thing These Relatives Were "Long-Distance" Ones

"I have long-distance family member and her son who I had never met before who stayed at my mother's house for a week.

This 13-year-old kid was always in my room, playing on my PlayStation every time I came from work or school. It was annoying because he would be in my bed and always leave a mess. His mother wouldn't do anything about it either. The worst part is that the last day they stayed, the stupid kid dropped his luggage from the stairs and made a hole in the wall. He and the mother acted like nothing happened."

The Legos Came Crumbling Down


The Legos Came Crumbling Down

"While my family was on vacation in Florida, my old babysitter was watching my dog. When we got home, she told us that she brought two other little kids she used to babysit to our house and one of them BROKE my giant Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts set. Not only that, they lost a ton of pieces, so I was never able to rebuild it again."

They'd Hold A Grudge Against This Kid For Years


They'd Hold A Grudge Against This Kid For Years

"When I was about eight, our family did a house swap with another family because they lived near London and we lived near the coast so it was a change for both families and a cheap way to holiday.

One of their idiot kids who stayed in my bedroom peeled off my glow-in-the-dark stickers off my bookcase because they said they were stopping them from being able to sleep, which is total freaking bull because there's no way they could be bright enough to stop anyone sleeping.

That was thirty-three years ago and as you can tell I'm completely over it now."

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