Always Listen To Your Mother
Always Listen To Your Mother

"During my junior year of high school, I received a well-crafted mailer advertising an engineering summer camp at a college I'd never heard of in a different state. My mother really liked the mailer, so my parents sent me to engineering camp that summer. On the first day of camp, I arrived late to the orientation and sat on the only available seat. The guy I sat next to fell in love with me instantly. We started dating at camp, then the next year, we both went to that college so we could be together.

4 years after that, we both graduated with engineering degrees and got married.

If my mother hadn't liked that mailer, I wouldn't have met my husband, I wouldn't have gone to that school, and I probably would have had a different major as well. Also, if I hadn't sat down next to him at orientation, we probably wouldn't have started dating.

Pretty wild."

A Second Chance At Family
A Second Chance At Family

"I didn't go to my baby cousin's 4th birthday party.

It was just really small with family and ice cream and I didn't want to drive close to two hours. He died a month and a day before he turned five. I don't miss anything family now. I've actually gotten really close to my extended family because I won't miss anything anymore.

If you're family, I'm there."

We Have Everything In Common, Except...
We Have Everything In Common, Except...

"Just over five years ago in culinary school, my teacher went off on a rant about paper towels being next to useless in a professional kitchen since cloth towels were reusable and better at cleaning up wet or sticky spills without leaving a residue. I didn't think about it but laughed a bit.

A few days later I was browsing OK Cupid (I'd been alone for a while and was starting to give up) when I passed a profile I'd skipped over a few times. He was only an 86% match but dressed as Ash Ketchum...

I clicked. His profile was obviously a joke, with multiple paragraphs espousing the glorious use of the common paper towel. It was bad Shakespeare. It was three pages long. What was this guy thinking?

As I continued to read I started to remember my teacher's earlier counterpoints on the superiority of the cloth towel. Out of all the things to take a side on, I couldn't believe I had the perfectly relevant counterpoint.

I sent him a message detailing why his opinion was erroneous.

We've now lived in China, Japan, the US and the UK together, are engaged, have two cats and just adopted our first dog.

We keep both paper and cloth towels in the kitchen."

A Phone Call For Dad
A Phone Call For Dad

"I had just given birth to my firstborn and called my adoptive father to tell him he was a grandfather for the first time.

We had a very poor, almost estranged relationship and he was a huge drinker. He lived hundreds of miles away, so letting him know seemed harmless (he wouldn't actually be part of my kid's life, it was kinda a 'eff you' to a man who'd been a prick to me my entire life, and I knew he'd like bragging to his friends.)

It's 10 am when I call, he's wasted and says, 'you should call 'Joe' (my bio father who I'd never met).

Three days later, I found Joe on the internet (AOL days). I called the number and he answered the phone. That's also super odd. His wife later tells me he NEVER answers the phone and I probably wouldn't have said anything to a woman, not knowing how she'd feel about him having fathered a kid 30 years earlier.

I said, 'Joe, where you married to 'Jane' in 1967?'


'Well I wanted to let you know, I'm your daughter and three days ago, you became a grandfather.'

He was quiet (not surprising) and I gave him my website so he could see pics of me and the baby. They didn't even have internet so went to a friend's house. Called back an hour later and said, 'how would you feel if we took a little drive up to see you?' (From Florida to the DelMar, Va area)

That was 20+ years ago. They moved up here shortly after #2 was born. We see them almost every weekend. His wife and my mom are good friends. My kids are their only grandchildren and pretty much are the light of their life.

I also found out was a '60s 'spring fling' baby while my mom and dad were students at Penn State. They 'did the right thing' in the day and got married.

Right after I was born, my lawyer grandfather told my dad to 'get out of my daughter's life.' I think there was a whole Catholic/Protestant thing with the families plus my dad was a 'long-haired hippie who was a conscientious objector to the Vietnam war.'

My grandparents had a 'nice Protestant boy coming home from war' lined up for my mom. Very planned. My mom and dad were young and naive, so she marries the vet and my dad splits.

Turns out that Joe had always talked about me. He and his parents had baby pictures of me in their house and often wondered about me.

He said he wanted to look me up, but didn't want to make waves with my adoptive father.

Speaking of my adoptive father, he stayed a prick with a drinking problem and died 7 years ago having never met grandchild #3.

Never thought that phone call would change my life."

The Bright Side To Eating After A Break Up
The Bright Side To Eating After A Break Up

"After my first boyfriend dumped me when I was 19, my sister felt bad for me so she invited me over to bake with her. She showed me this new thing called 'cake balls' and we loved them. I started making them for any party or family get together.

9 years later, I have a side business selling these cake balls and if it keeps growing like it has this year, it will be my full-time job by 2019. If she had picked any other recipe, I may not be where I am today and be a small business owner."

Dressing For Success
Dressing For Success

"One day, I asked my partner what color cardigan I should wear, the yellow one or the green one?

He shrugged, said, 'it doesn't matter'.

Later on that day, I was walking through a shopping center. A man struck up a conversation with me, and we got along and talked for quite a while. He offered me a role in a not for profit helping out the community near the end of our conversation.

In the end, he asked, weren't you wearing a yellow cardigan? I said yes, but I took it off because I got warm. He said, ah, you see, I thought you were my friend in your yellow cardigan, so I took a second look at you and approached you.

If I had worn a different color cardigan, I wouldn't be in the fulfilling role I am now. I would be slaving away in some job somewhere on a totally different trajectory. The color of your cardigan can matter! Stand out and you will be noticed."

Real Life Butterfly Effect
Real Life Butterfly Effect

"A man shooting a road sign in NJ lead to my existence.

Someone in Jersey shot up a road sign that gave the weight limit for a bridge, making it illegible. A man driving a too heavy truck drove across the bridge and it collapsed and he died. The widow of the man sued the city (or state whichever) for negligence. My father to be was on jury duty for the case and made a connection with a dude who got him a job at his company. At this job, he met my Mother to be.

I think it's pretty wild. If that random dingus hadn't shot that random street sign, there would be no me!"

I Am Thankful For My Friends
I Am Thankful For My Friends

"I chose to go see a friend instead of going home after a night out.

His friend was there and we hit it off immediately! We 'got together' that night and became serious a couple weeks later. Moved in together a month after getting serious and got pregnant a month after that.

Now, 6 years down the line, we're married, have two kids, a house, a couple cats and are very much in love. We've been inseparable (in a healthy way) since we met.

If I'd gone home that day instead of meeting my friend my life would be totally different."

Never Discount The Power Of Dial-Up
Never Discount The Power Of Dial-Up

"Back in 1999, I was on vacation in Florida (I live in Ohio) staying with my dad.

He had this thing I had never seen before called AOL. One day I was messing around on the good ole dial-up when I got an instant message. This person asked if I knew some guy (based on my AOL profile, they knew we lived in the same town.) So we got to have a random conversation and kept in touch for the next couple of weeks while I was down there. We exchanged pager numbers so we could stay in touch once I got back home.

One thing led to another, and now we're married, been together almost 19 years and have two sons. All because of some random instant message."

Love From A Liberal Art Point Of View
Love From A Liberal Art Point Of View

"I met this really beautiful girl in my critical reasoning class while in art school.

I was actually casually dating a couple of other girls at the time and every time I tried to make conversation with the girl in my class she was really short with me and came off uninterested. Fast forward to the end of the semester and I had become very intrigued with getting to know her more despite her obvious lack of interest in me. I knew that if I didn't try to ask here out I'd never see her again. She was a fashion major and I was a computer design major and that class was the only one we'd ever have in common. That said, I decided to ask her out, and she said yes.

We had an amazing night. Once we were out on the town we had a chemistry that was undeniable. I took her to see a friend of mine's band play downtown and then out to dinner at a cute little Italian bistro. We closed that place down, just sat there talking all night and getting to know each other. Later, when I took her home, she invited me into her apartment and we had the best night EVER. The next day I immediately called the other girls that I had been casually dating and told them I couldn't see them anymore. Later that week the beautiful girl from my class and I moved in together ...

18 years and 3 kids later we're still together and she's absolutely the love of my life."

Opportunities Thanks To Mum
Opportunities Thanks To Mum

"My mum and her friend were at a small local bar and invited me to join them. That night I semi-joked with the owner that she should hire me.

Very long story short, she did. During the 7ish months I worked there I met a lot of her friends. She turned out to be a crack addict. The bar went bust. One of her friends who I was quite friendly with offered me a trial for a job at the fine dining steakhouse he managed.

I trialed. I got the job. On my first shift, I met the other bartender. I thought to myself 'huh, wouldn't it be funny if he ended up being the love of my life'. Spoiler alert, he is. It's been 5 years. Thanks, mum."

Mr. Persistent For The Win
Mr. Persistent For The Win

"I signed up to join the military (Canadian) but was taking medication at the time that did not allow me to join until almost a year later. The trade I wanted ended up closing at that time so I picked something else.

Fast forward to my first course after basic training! (one I would not have taken if I had chosen the original trade I wanted). So a few weeks of this course and my high school sweetheart that I was sure I would marry broke up with me. I was devastated, became very secluded and talked to no one. So after a call to my ex-begging her to reconsider I was sitting on the floor in the hallway crying and distraught. This random guy comes up to me and asks what's wrong, so I tell him that my girlfriend broke up with me. His response, of course, is let's go drinking, I denied at first but he was very persistent so I said what the heck, I'll go once just to shut him up. He took me to a club and encouraged me to drink copious amounts of intoxicants, then tried to get me to dance. I was NOT someone who danced and told him this. Mr persistent wasn't taking no for an answer though and showed me a few steps. I noticed people looking and laughing but ignored it and just tried to have fun and assured myself I'd never been here again.

WELL, I had the best time of my life! We ended up going out almost every weekend together. I ended up getting over my ex quite quickly. I completed the course and went on to my next course in a different city.

So I was out with some friends one night in this new city and was, of course, ripping up the dance floor. I noticed this drop dead gorgeous girl. By far the most beautiful I'd ever seen in my life. I was super intimidated but thought what the heck I have to try. So I asked her to dance and she said yes. At the end of the night, I gave her a kiss and said goodnight and turned to walk away. She looks at me and says 'Really?! That's it? You don't want my number?' I was way too intimidated to call this girl (texting wasn't quite a thing yet) so I asked her for her email address and we could chat on MSN Messenger. She wrote her email address on my arm, complete with underscores and arbitrary numbers (no it wasn't 69) and off I went chanting her email because I knew that it would not be legible by the time I sobered up. I woke up the following morning and thanked crazy me for the catchy song he made with the email and proceeded to add her to MSN.

Years later we are now happily married and about to have our 4th child together.

Still, to this day I thank Mr persistent for what he did for me. He is still my best friend and despite being thousands of KM apart we still meet up twice a year to get up to our old antics."

One Last Chance At Love
One Last Chance At Love

"I had been on OkCupid and Tinder for about two years and was done with it. Signed on to OkCupid to delete my account, and decided to just take one last look at the available matches.

Saw a girl who seemed like someone I might like, not that it matters as most don't even reply. I straight up just hit her with a dad joke and decided to give her a day to see if she'd notice. She actually replied, and we hit it off!

The joke was something along the lines of going out for hot dogs so we could ketchup. I can't remember exactly at this point

Fast forward to the present day - we've been living together for awhile and I've begun ring shopping"

A Fanciful Game Of Pool
A Fanciful Game Of Pool

"In 2010, I went to a bar with 3 girls (all friends of mine from HS) to connect and have a few drinks cause one of them had just moved back into town. The girls ended up chatting and I was just sitting there doing nothing.

A guy saw the situation I was in and came over and asked if I wanted to play pool with his 2 friends. (both friends were girls) I ended up playing a couple games pool and adding both of them on FB.

I ended up marrying one of those girls and we've been married for 6 years now..."

To The Guy At Reception
To The Guy At Reception

"Struck up a convo with another lady at a bus stop who when she heard I was unemployed suggested a job option. Phoned them, they weren't hiring but suggested something else. Got in there after interviewing.

Three years later married the man who was minding reception the day I interviewed. Married over 20 years and counting.

Thank you bus stop lady!"

Sometimes Friends Are Match Makers
Sometimes Friends Are Match Makers

"My old youth group allowed college-aged people, though most of them had been going to the group since they were freshmen in high school. The one gal who joined while she was college was the ex of a long time member who wanted him back. I thought she would be a source of minor drama and amusement.

About six months after she joined the group, she decided that we were friends. Around that same time, she found someone else. She kept organizing outings that sometimes had a single dude for me, but those guys never worked out. Some of the outings were supposed to involve her boyfriend's best friend, but he kept flaking. June 5th, 2010, a trip to a strawberry festival was arranged and they swore that the best friend would be there. He texted me a few days before but the conversations kept petering out. I vowed that if this guy flaked, I was not going to bother with these outings anymore and focus on watching every slasher movie that the Blockbuster had available. So I put on some denim short shorts and a yellow tank top that looked a bit like the iconic yellow one from Pretty Little Liars and hoped that at least if the guy didn't show up, I would get out of the strawberry festival.

Well, the guy did show up. By the end of the summer, we were insanely in love and talking about getting married one day. Two and a half years after we met, that actually happened and we're still together, with two dogs and plans to start a family hopefully within the next year. Church Girl and her boyfriend are no longer together. And my husband was never told about the outings he seemingly flaked on, likely because his friend forgot to tell him."

The Good Or Bad Son Award?
The Good Or Bad Son Award?

"I walked into a hot tub on New Year's with my phone in my swimsuit pocket. Doofus move.

It resulted in me missing a call from my mother who was worried about my younger sister and didn't know where she was because she was supposed to be home by 1:00 am. She was nervous and my father had gone to bed. Instead of waiting she decided to drive to the house she knew I was at to figure out the address of where my little sister was. On the way to me, she was hit by a driver who had been drinking.

I went home the next morning to find a note from my father about how my mother had been in a car accident. I went to the hospital to visit her immediately and found my father and sister there. Sister fell asleep at the friend's house where she was supposed to be. She needed physical therapy for the next few months and I drove her there for every appt because it worked well with my schedule. I then met her physical therapist, who was two years older than me.

I got engaged to that therapist and we have been married for five years now, all because I destroyed my phone in a hot tub."

Those Late Night Convos
Those Late Night Convos

"This girl was on campus to preview the school and wanted me to show her around. She followed me all day like a lost puppy until finally, it was time to crash. She was assigned to sleep in another dorm, but coincidentally the girl assigned to sleep in mine wanted to sleep where she was assigned so they decided to switch.

As she's getting ready for bed she suddenly has to puke, and while she's barfing up bad cheese in my bathroom her phone rings. I'm normally not the type to answer a relative stranger's phone, but her ringtone was obnoxious and I figured I could just let whoever it was known that she would call them right back.

Well, it was a friend of hers from high school and he and I just kept chatting and really hit it off. That conversation started around 9:30 at night and didn't end until 8 the next morning when we realized the sun was up and we had been talking all night!

Now we've been together 14 years and just had our second child together."

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