She Destroyed Everything She Touched
She Destroyed Everything She Touched

"My roommate and I moved to a beach town and a lot of people from our home state want to come to visit the area and stay with us. This time it was an older couple who are like second parents to my roommate, and they brought their daughter. The daughter was about 38 years old at the time. I will call her Jane.

Important information: Jane is a very large person.

Our home has 2 bedrooms, so when we have guests over, my roommate and I share my room and the guests stay in his. With a third guest here that also meant someone was on the pullout couch bed in the living room. We had an air mattress for the couch bed to make it more comfortable.

Night one, Jane slept on the couch bed on top of the air mattress. The next morning, my roommate got up to let the dog outside and noticed a pair of wet shorts on the patio chair. He asked Jane about it and she said, 'Oh yeah, those are mine. I had to pee but didn't feel like getting up so I just peed the bed and then got up later to change.'

After she finally got out of bed for the day, she went to the store and purchased a new air mattress that was double height so she didn't have to struggle with the couch bed anymore. That's fair because like I said, she is a large person. However, she did not wash the sheets that were on the couch bed, nor clean the air mattress that she urinated on. She just folded it up and left it for us to deal with.

She also broke our couch while visiting because of the way she plopped down to sit, and argued with her mother like a teenager almost every conversation.

She is not invited back."

You Had To Parent Someone Else's Kid?
You Had To Parent Someone Else's Kid?

"One time a kid who was visiting playing with my son, when they were like 9 or 10, got mad at my son for closing the bathroom door in his face. I guess he wanted to join him in the bathroom which was so weird. When I told him to wait for my son to come out, the kid spit at me then peed on my floor out of spite. I dragged his butt by his shirt to a wooden chair, screamed at him like a demon an inch from his face to stay in that chair and not move, and called his parents. I don't think he had ever been disciplined in his life. He sat there paralyzed with fear until his mother showed up to tell me they don't believe in any kind of boundaries for their kids. That little jerk is probably in prison by now.

It was so hard not to spank this kid. I was freaking mad. I think I controlled myself pretty well considering what he did. If an adult did any of that I would break his face.".

What Goes Around Comes Around
What Goes Around Comes Around

"I had a bbq back when I was married to my ex-husband. One friend in particular (the alpha male of the group) and one of his followers thought it would be funny to hide hamburgers around our house and not tell us. We ended up with a huge ant problem that summer. Alpha, his wife and the follower thought it was hilarious. My husband was way too much of a pushover to say anything and I became the jerk for telling thirty-year-olds that that is not acceptable behavior. Several months later, Alpha had a party. Somebody spilled a full glass of Merlot on their white carpet and instead of trying to clean it just put a Christmas present over it.

They were so upset someone would disrespect them like this, I laughed til I cried. I wish I could take credit for it. Whoever did it is my hero."

The Saga Of A Stolen Bottle
The Saga Of A Stolen Bottle

"I had my now ex-boyfriend's family over for a going away party because we had a nice big backyard and a fire pit. His brother's wife stole a really expensive bottle of face cream from my mom which was like $200 a bottle. My mom came and told me it was missing and I suspected who it was. After looking all through the bathroom for it to make sure, including through the whole trashcan (this is important for later), I decided to talk to her. Instead of just confronting her, I sat everyone down and told them I let them all come here to be nice and now one of them has disrespected my family. I told them they just need to put it back and no one has to know who did it. She then got up and started walking into the house acting like she was mad. Then we heard her car start and my then boyfriend ran out and blocked her car in with his car so she couldn't go anywhere. Then she got even more upset and started screaming in the driveway. Well, all of them put in money to help pay for the $200 bottle and everyone left. An hour later, I got a call from the girl and she was crying. I could hear my ex-boyfriend's brother in the background saying tell her what you did. She said that she was in the bathroom and accidentally knocked the bottle off the counter and it broke and she was ashamed to tell anyone so she wrapped it all up in a wad of toilet paper and put it at the bottom of the trash. She then said sorry. I said I was going to go look through the trash, but I also mention that I looked through that entire trash before I even confronted her. There was dead silence on the other end of the call and she hung up. She knew she had been caught. I went to look in the trash and there it was rolled up in the toilet paper shattered into pieces. And there was glass on the floor, none of that had been there before. She stole it, knew she was going to get caught, went into the house, shattered it for a backstory and then tried to run.

I never saw her again."

Don't Take His Seat!
Don't Take His Seat!

"My neighbor, with whom I shared a roof terrace, hit one of my guests. In the face. With a hammer. For sitting in his lawn chair.

It happened during a house party I threw with my roommates. I was playing twister in one of the rooms when a girl rushed in asking/screaming 'Do you live here? Someone just got beaten with a hammer!'

I ran out towards the terrace and saw someone getting hoisted out of the pool, whilst my neighbor was standing next to it with his arms and his hammer dangling to his sides, looking really defeated. Send him into his own apartment, and checked up on my guest who was passed out. He was being taken care of by a couple of medical students, so I decided it'd be better let them do their thing.

I headed back inside to herd everyone in a different room so the police and ambulance personnel could easily move in and about the terrace and stairs. Next, I rounded up the people that saw what happened so they could provide a statement for the police who had by now arrived. Apparently, there was some sort of disagreement that got WAY too heated.

The guest came to at some point, cursing and cussing his lungs out. The ambulance personnel put on a neck brace and started moving him downstairs towards the ambulance. He still hadn't stopped screaming and he threatened to come back and shoot up everything.

So my neighbor at this point was being cuffed and taken away to the police station. When all that was cleared up, I send everyone home. A lot of people wanted another party, but my roommates and I wisely decided against that.

The morning after was pretty awkward, as my neighbor's roommate knocked on our door asking if we could explain why his roommate was taken away in handcuffs just as he came home. Pretty weird breakfast."

She Was Just Feeding Her Baby!
She Was Just Feeding Her Baby!

"My guest suggested that I should go up into the nursery to feed my baby rather than my living room. I thought she was a jerk! I'll have my ta ta's out in any room I want in MY house. If she's so uncomfortable maybe she should go sit in the nursery. I don't cover anymore because my baby doesn't like it and I always assume people are staring in a judgemental way but every now and again someone will shoot me a smile or a 'well done.' It honestly makes my day knowing I'm accepted and not everyone is against me. It could give so much confidence to someone feeding in public for the first time or someone who's had negative comments in the past."

He Was Like A Tornado Going Through the House
He Was Like A Tornado Going Through the House

"A few years ago I hosted my first dinner party. I had planned and fretted over every detail for a month beforehand. I invited a new friend to come to this dinner party and she brought her boyfriend that I had met a few times. My boyfriend (now husband) knew this guy too, so he wasn't a stranger.

It was the night of the dinner party. We all ate and had drinks, talk - normal dinner party stuff. After dinner was when things get weird with the new friend and her boyfriend. He started drinking after being sober for about a year. Why he chose this night is beyond me. He got wasted way too quick just as you would expect a guy who hasn't had a drink for a year would. And it wasn't like a sloppy type of hammered, he got violent.

He started terrorizing the other guests, his girlfriend, just about anyone who crossed his path. My guests started leaving because this guy was getting on everyone's nerves.

When I was about to kick this guy out (and sadly, my friend too, but she was sober and he needed to get home somehow), my friend says she couldn't find his car keys. We look everywhere for these keys and nothing. They don't turn up.

At the time we lived in a 'developing' part of town that has a bad reputation, so no cab would come out and get this couple. My husband and I had been drinking, so we couldn't drive either. So now we are stuck with this belligerent jerk all night.

He literally didn't let us sleep all night. He got violent with my friend so she locked herself in my bedroom while we tried to calm this guy down. He never calmed down, he just kept going - punching my bedroom door, yelling. I've never encountered a person like that before. After all these years I still suspect that this guy was also on something harder that night.

This guy eventually passed out at like 6 am. We were tired and fell asleep after dealing with this guy. When he woke up, he picked up where he left off. By this point, I was done. I tore up my house looking for these freaking keys.

The keys finally turned up. They were in my friend's coat pocket all this time. I told them to go. They left and we clean up our house and went to bed.

For a while, I couldn't even talk to my friend after that night. That couple stayed together for a few more months until she finally dumped him and never looked back.

I still see the guy around town sometimes.

Why I didn't call the cops on him, I don't know. That's my mistake.

Whether she knew he was planning on drinking that night, will remain a mystery to me. I never asked. It threw me off guard because he claimed to not drink and was sober.

After they broke up she was more open about talking about all the abuse she went through when she was dating him. She's doing way better now without him."

She Threw A Party At Your House??
She Threw A Party At Your House??

"My best friend's girlfriend didn't have a place to throw her 21st birthday party, so I told her that she could have some people over for a small party at my house. I also said I got to approve all of the guests since my buddy and I had talked about how a lot of her friends were human garbage. I woke up to an event on Facebook with 250 invites sent after we had that conversation. She said she didn't want anyone to feel left out. My house was not huge, it could hold maybe like 30 people, 20 of whom would probably be chilling in the yard.

Then it came time for the actual party. A lot of the aforementioned human garbage cans decided to show up, unbeknownst to me at the time. So, some highlights of what they did at my house:

-They cranked up my thermostat to 85.

-They clogged my garbage disposal with broken glass.

-They stole all of my nice bottles of spirits.

-They started a small fire in my garage.

There was also more, but suffice it to say that I was very far from thrilled. It might not have been cool, but I sent her a text that night after everybody had already left and I was still hammered with 'Happy freaking birthday' and a laundry list of all the things her terrible friends had done. My best friend apologized up and down for it the next day, but she was strangely silent when it came to apologies. I'm not sure what crawled up her butt and died, but she was insufferable. As a bonus, she cheated on him with a guy she reconnected with at that exact same party.

But seriously, what sort of human garbage steals a man's Johnnie Walker? Not cool. Thankfully I locked up the bedrooms during the party and took everything worth $100 or more aside from large furniture and put it in one of the bedrooms before I locked them down."

She Was A Guest, Not A Customer...
She Was A Guest, Not A Customer...

"My wife invited a long distance online friend to stay with us, sleeping in our guest bedroom. My wife and I met as moderators on a Silent Hill forum, she invited me over and I still haven't left, so it wasn't that wild a concept. Anyway, she stayed for three weeks which was far longer than I wished and did not help pay for any food or consumables. She basically lived there for most of a month.

Once she returned home, she immediately took to her Tumblr and wrote a long post complaining about our home like it was a hotel review. Complained about the food, complained about there not being enough towels which might've been because she took enough showers to more than double our water bill, and complained about me personally. None of these things were ever brought up while she was here, and she went out of her way to post this where she thought we wouldn't see it because she was a coward on top of being an entitled narcissist.

This happened in 2012 and we were quite done after the post. I didn't bother to acknowledge it since none of her Tumblr friends knew us."

His Guests Really Took Advantage Of Him
His Guests Really Took Advantage Of Him

"I had a 'friend' who I let have a room for a few months while she was looking for a new place, turned out she was a hoarder. She filled our entire 2 car garage, her entire room (so she started sleeping on the couch) then filled the entire living room, and only left enough room to squeeze through hallways. Whenever I confronted her about it she got very abusive. It was quite a process getting her out of my house.

Still, she has been gone for years but still has a massive hot tub in my backyard that took 10 professional movers for her to get in but she can't seem to afford to get it out! I have tried listing it on Craigslist and Facebook marketplace for free. I have also tried listing it for $100, trying to make people think it's a steal. Lots of interest, no follow through.

I also had a guy who was going through some really tough financial stuff, so I would let him do handyman and cleaning work at my house. I had a rule that he was never allowed in my office, and I kept it locked.

I was sick one day when he was over and one of my kids needed to use a computer, so I gave them the keys to open the door to my office. This guy decided he was going clean it despite the rules. I lost a massive amount of my business' cash, a laptop, and a few other odds and ends that day. I, of course, called the police, he denied everything and they told me there was nothing they could do.

I am guessing they can't investigate much without a warrant, and my accusation was not enough to get one.

I really have no idea though.

That was the beginning of the end for me. That was months worth of capital for my business and without it, everything fell apart."

"I'll Never Look At Him The Same"

"I had a guy friend crash with me for a bit when we were 19. He wasn't much into drinking and was a super hard worker. He was also my closest friend. I've smoked weed and to this day I drink way more than I should but I've always been very anti-hard stuff. Turned out he would invite his little buddies over and shoot up in my bathroom on the regular and kept it there for safe keeping. I wouldn't go through his toiletry bag so I had no idea. Talk about naive. I also worked days and he worked nights. My apartment was a dope den from 8-5. This same friend also spiked my drink months later.

He's now 13 years sober, owner of a great restaurant and has a terrific reputation but I'll never look at him the same."

At Least He Tried To Flush
At Least He Tried To Flush

"During my high school years, I had a friend come to stay at my family's apartment after a party. It was really late and I probably wasn't allowed to be out that long. We crept towards my room trying not to wake up my mom. We were hammered of course and my mom was not a fan of that in the slightest. Luckily, I wasn't that big of a drinker and didn't get completely wrecked very often so I was able to keep my cool. My friend, on the other hand, was quite the skunk that night. When we got to my room, I sighed relief and instructed him to get to bed. About 10 minutes after laying down I heard him get up and proceed to use the toilet which was right down the small hall next to my mom's room. I've always slept with a pillow covering my ear but it sounded like he was peeing with the door open. I was thinking, 'Why the heck is he doing this,' so I got up to go collect him but was immediately shocked. He was not in the bathroom at all. He was in the room peeing into my tiny trash can with a grocery bag in it. I wanted to scream bloody murder at him but realized if I did there would be no way to explain myself to my mom. So, as any responsible person would do, I just watched and waited until he finished peeing all over my room. The jerk even tried flushing by stroking his hand on the wall. I got up, noticed only about 10% of the urine had made it into the bag, not like it really mattered anyway. I threw some towels on it and turned around to see him with an undeserved grin, sleeping like a stupid baby. Good night.

I get irritated at hammered people who completely lose their ability to human properly."

They Didn't Ask For Interior Designers
They Didn't Ask For Interior Designers

"We had house guests staying with us for several days that rearranged our furniture and artwork while we were away.

When we returned, the place wasn't recognizable as our home.

They stood there glowing with satisfaction, thinking we'd be impressed with their good taste in interior decorating."

A Nasty Surprise Waited For Her
A Nasty Surprise Waited For Her

"I live at home still. When I was around 18, my best friend at the time and I went out with our other male friends for a night in town. The plan was to come back to my house since I had a big room and enough space for people to sleep, my mom was okay with this as long as we didn't wake her.

I woke up in the middle of the night to my best friend and one of the guys hooking up on my futon.

When everyone left in the morning, I was tidying up. Found a lovely combination of blood and other bodily fluids all over the futon which she failed to tell me about."

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