The Reaction Was Immediate And Definitive


The Reaction Was Immediate And Definitive

The woman, in sheer panic, hops straight off the bed trying to chase down her significant other...with the baby's head just sitting there between her legs. My friend is trying to wrangle the woman back on the bed so she can deliver the body; woman uncontrollably sobbing.

I imagine the guy didn't stick around to raise the little one, based on his reaction!"

Stunned Into Silence

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Stunned Into Silence

"I used to work in the newborn nursery at a hospital. We got the babies right from delivery, cleaned them up, footprinted them, checked vitals, etc. Dads usually came in with the newborns. This dad comes in with this baby. Dad is white, mom is white, the baby is very obviously not white. The dad was very quiet standing next to this baby, watching us clean it up. He says quietly, 'I don't think this is my baby.' You could tell he was absolutely devastated. We advised him not to sign the birth certificate until he was sure. Not sure what happened after we sent the baby back out to mom, but I felt awful for the guy."

The Worst Spoiler Alert Ever


The Worst Spoiler Alert Ever

"My mother used to work in a medical lab many decades ago. One day, another woman who worked in the building was visiting the lab, and during the conversation, mentioned that she was blood type X, her husband was type Y, and their child was type Z (I don't remember the specific types).

One of the younger lab techs blurted out 'that's impossible,' and the doctor in the lab just stared daggers at him. Luckily, the visitor either didn't notice or didn't care, and moved along shortly after. My mom still remembers it as one of the most awkward moments she'd ever been privy to."

A Father's Slow Burn

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A Father's Slow Burn

"I was doing epidurals in residency. This Caucasian couple was from a more rural part of the country and they don't look or sound particularly educated.

Anyhow, the wife is particularly antsy. Asking when she can go home, even though the baby isn't out yet. The husband looks bored and uninterested like he's been there a whole bunch of times.

I usually don't stay in the rooms during delivery, but this one I just happened to be nearby to give more in the epidural because of a tear immediately after delivery.

Anyhow, when I get to the room, the wife is holding her eyes shut and doesn't want to see the baby. I look at the baby and he's obviously black.

Now the husband is paying attention, and he sees what I do.

He keeps repeating, 'When dat baby gonna pink up?' Louder and louder. 'WHEN DAT BABY GONNA PINK UP!?'

The ONB tries to diffuse things by reminding everyone that this moment is critical and suggests the baby should be taken to the resuscitation area in the NICU and that the father should step out while the ob repaired the laceration.

We called the social worker and security and I was called elsewhere, so I don't know what happened afterward, so I can't imagine it was good."

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