Some people don't want to act their age. Instead of acting like a successful 30-something in the business world, you will often see these people act like petulant children who are in need of nap or spanking. Some of these people think they can get away with just about anything, and when things don't go their way, they resort to throwing temper tantrums.

A Reddit thread recently asked people to share the most childish thing they've seen an adult do, and no surprise, the comments were something ridiculous. And based on their behavior in these situations, it's a miracle that some of these people made it this far in life. Take a look at some of our favorite stories, which have been edited for clarity.

He Gave Sore Loser A Whole New Meaning
He Gave Sore Loser A Whole New Meaning

"My mom, step-dad, and I went to a local par 3 golf course. We were playing and my step-dad was doing poorly. He had brought out his $400 set of clubs and my mom and I were both using the clubs provided at the course. My mom was winning by a stroke or two and hit the ball and it ended up on the ground an inch from a tree. She kicked it a little bit away so that she didn't hit the tree and my step-dad lost it. Like really went nuts about how she was cheating.

He ended up throwing his ball into the woods and walking to the car. My mom and I continued playing because we were still having fun. The next thing we knew, we heard an engine revving and watched our ride do a burn out out of the parking lot. I had to call my dad and have him pick us up and drop us at my step-dad's place because he had gone home and wouldn’t answer the phone.

My step-dad goes to anger management now but that was honestly a fairly run of the mill experience with him."

Her Trip Was Ruined, But That's No Excuse For This Behavior
Her Trip Was Ruined, But That's No Excuse For This Behavior

"This was about six years ago. I was living with a French host family, and the dad was a police officer. Some trouble broke out on the Reunion Island, so the dad took a position there for a week to help out. The only problem was that he was supposed to go on a week-long skiing trip with his wife, his two kids, and me. I understood that he wanted to help out his fellow policemen. I got it. His wife, however, BLEW UP. She started screaming at him and storming around the house and telling him he never cared about the family. Now, I was just an exchange student and was not used to being in an environment like that, so I started to freak out.

The next day, the mom rounded up the kids and took us to the store and said, 'Okay guys, whatever candy you want, just grab it and toss it in the cart! We're gonna spend daddy's money that he's going all the way to the Reunion Island to make!'

She even encouraged me to grab some candy, but I felt uncomfortable. I think I may have taken like, ONE packet of gummies or something because she kept urging me to grab something. We ended up spending like $100 on candy and treats, and then that night, the mom invited her sister out to dinner and we all went out to eat, and the mom paid for it, too."

About Your Cake...
About Your Cake...

"One of my friends worked at a pastry chef at a bakery when she was first starting up. She had a bridezilla come in to order a wedding cake and they told her that they were booked solid that week and couldn't accommodate, but could give the order to another shop that might be able to help. She started to complain and then yell and scream and literally fell to the floor, kicking and screaming.

While this was going on, one of the employees started to load another wedding cake onto a cart to take out to the van. Bridezilla jumped up and pushed the cake off the cart and then stepped on it. She then stormed out and sped off.

The owner had to call the wedding party and explain that their extravagant cake was just destroyed by a crazy bridezilla. She had another cake that would serve everyone, but it wouldn't be decorated as nicely. Luckily, they were okay with it... With the stipulation that they got a copy of the camera footage.

She made a copy of the footage and delivered it along with the replacement cake and it was a huge hit at the party."

All He Could Do Was Watch Her Meltdown From The Safety Of His Car
All He Could Do Was Watch Her Meltdown From The Safety Of His Car

"There's a fast food restaurant in Albuquerque, New Mexico, that goes by the name of 'Teriyaki Chicken Bowl.' Its fare is about what you'd expect from such an establishment, meaning that while it isn't exactly five-star cuisine, it nonetheless serves as a decent-enough alternative to the burger-and-taco-dominated menus of competing businesses. It was that sense of 'variety' that prompted me to visit the place one evening, and while I was there, I had the misfortune of seeing a toddler-like tantrum being thrown by a 30-something-year-old woman.

I'll confess right away that I came in about midway through whatever had been happening, so I don't know if there were any extenuating circumstances. At the same time, though, I can't imagine what could have transpired to make this sort of behavior acceptable: The woman - an overweight individual with curly brown hair - came storming out of the restaurant, a white plastic bag clutched in her hands. She was soon followed by a tall, fit young man who rushed up to her side and spoke to her in a hushed voiced.

'No, I don't care,' the woman shouted. 'It's too late!'

'Don't do this here,' I heard the man plead. 'Don't cause a scene.'

'Oh, I'm causing a scene,' snarled the woman. 'What about you?! You're causing a scene! You didn't say anything, and now it's all ruined!'

'Can we talk about this in the car,' the man begged. 'Please?'

The woman's chest rose and fell several times before she answered, and when she did, it came out in the form of an ear-piercing screech: 'I'm not going anywhere with you! I can't believe this! I can't believe this!'

I was still seated in my own car at this point, waiting for the scene to subside before I approached the restaurant. This turned out to be a wise decision on my part, since it all went to crap only a few seconds later.

The young man reached a comforting hand out to his companion, placing it lightly on her shoulder. 'Look, let's just forget about it. We can stop for ice cream on the way home.'

'Ice cream,' the woman repeated. She took several more panting breaths, and the expression on her face gave the distinct impression that an eruption was on its way. 'Ice cream? Ice cream?! I don't want ice cream! I want a chicken bowl!'

As the final syllables shot from her lips, the woman yanked apart the plastic bag she'd been holding, causing its contents to fall all over the parking lot. I watched as white containers dropped to the ground, popping open to reveal sauce-covered meat and rice. 'Chicken bowl,' the woman screamed again. She stomped on the fallen food, grinding it into the pavement with her heel. 'Chicken bowl! Chicken bowl! Chicken bowl!'

This continued for an impressively long time, with the woman making as much noise as she possibly could while she destroyed the last remnants of her meal. Try though I might, I couldn't make heads or tails of what had upset her, given that she seemed to be in the process of obliterating the exact thing she had claimed to want. She did eventually calm down enough to approach the young man's car (or maybe she just ran out of breath), but she didn't get in until after she had delivered several petulantly enraged kicks to the passenger-side door.

I found myself wondering why the young man put up with that sort of behavior.

There's no accounting for taste, I guess."

He Thought He Was The Superior Fan
He Thought He Was The Superior Fan

"I watched a grown man throw a tantrum because my wife wouldn't give him a guitar pick that Tom Araya handed her as he walked off stage when we went and saw Slayer on their farewell tour. My wife barely had it in her hand when the guy, who was standing behind us, tapped her on the shoulder and asked if he could have it. My wife politely told him that she was going to keep it because Slayer was one of her top five favorite bands and she collected guitar picks, but you would have thought she had slapped him in the face and cursed his mother's name by the way he reacted.

When she refused his request, he started screaming about how he was a 'bigger fan' than she was and that he 'deserved' the pick for his 'life long love' of the band and the fact he had a (VERY bad) Slayer tattoo on his arm. He then went on to say that the only reason Tom handed the pick to HER instead of HIM was so he could 'look down your shirt and see your chest.' When that comment just got a laugh from my wife, the guy offered to buy the guitar pick from her for $5. She again refused and the guy threw his drink, called her several names, and stormed off.

I've seen people get in scuffles over tossed drum sticks and guitar picks at shows a few times, but, it's generally teenagers and, once someone got the stick, pick, or whatever, everybody just went back to enjoying the show and having a good time. I just really could not believe that a guy in their 40s would have a tantrum like that over a guitar pick."

Was She In College Or Pre-School?
Was She In College Or Pre-School?

"A girl in my biology class senior year of college didn't like the professor. She didn't like his lecture style, I guess. So she had her mom call the department head and complain, which was bad enough.

The next day, she came back to class and you could just tell the professor was fuming. He made a general statement about how he'd received some feedback and he just wanted to make sure everyone understood that he welcomed e-mails or conferences about any concerns and that it wasn't necessary to contact department heads unless there was a serious issue.

The girl got up and ran out of the room, leaving her stuff behind. I went to the bathroom a few minutes later, and she was hiding in there, distraught and furiously texting someone. She asked me if I could go into the lecture hall and get her backpack. She said that she didn't want to see the professor because of how 'mean' he was being.

I just shook my head and said, 'I really need to get back to class,' and walked out. It was hard for me because I tend to be kind of a pushover, but this was just too ridiculous."

The Stewardess Had To Step In Between These Two
The Stewardess Had To Step In Between These Two

"I was on a plane once and the lady sitting across from me was very tall. So tall her knees pressed into the back of the seat in front of her. The guy in front of her asked several times to get her knees off of his seat. She was legitimately sorry and apologized, but it was an airplane so there aren't a lot of personal space options.

This escalated to the point where the guy was rocking back and forth in his seat with force, trying to hurt this woman with his chair. This woman in turn remained seated and was reaching forward trying to punch this guy in the head.

The stewardess literally had to talk to them like children, saying, 'We're going to be on the ground in 20 minutes, can we please act like adults until then?'"

Someone Really Needed Her Fix
Someone Really Needed Her Fix

"I was in line at Walgreens about a year ago. The woman in her 50s was in front of me checking out and they were having a problem with a coupon for her nicotine patches or something that wouldn't scan. She started throwing a fit about it, stomping her feet and kicking the counter. The employee kept trying to tell her they would honor it but she needed the manager to type in a code. She just wouldn't listen.

The lady continued to freak out, pulling out her phone saying she was going to call 'Mr. Walgreen.' The manager came running up, typed in the code, and all was good. She was all huffing and puffing when they handed her the bag saying she should get something for free but the manager kept calm and said, 'Sorry for the mix up. Have a good day.'

The lady turned to me and said, 'Can you believe this?'

I replied, 'I can't believe that you acted like a child.' The look of shock on her face was priceless. She just turned to walk out and right before she got to the door she turned and screamed, 'Get bent!'

The employee, manager, and I laughed for a good minute."

The Kids Weren't Even The Worst Part Of The Flight
The Kids Weren't Even The Worst Part Of The Flight

"I was on a flight with my mother. The woman behind us has two children, very small children. The father was on the plane, too, but in another row reading a newspaper.

They didn't want to sit in their seats, they wanted to stand on the floor and punch the back of the seats in front of them. Our seats. So that's just little kids not seeing consequences. And maybe the mom didn't really notice. Finally, my mom turned around and asked her if she could stop them from doing it. She flipped out. Yelled at my mom not to tell her kids what they could and couldn't do. Even though my mom hadn't said anything to the children.

She didn't stop them, obviously, and instead seemed to be encouraging them. My mom called the flight attendant because talking to this woman was not working. The flight attendant asked her to put the kids in the seats with their seatbelt because it wasn't safe for them to be there anyway. She did, but told them, 'They were not allowed to play because of the mean lady who was sitting in front of them.' She then started imitating my mother's voice and saying, 'Oh, I'm so mean, I hate little kids,' and all kinds of crazy stuff. The seatbelt light came on, and about five minutes later, she let them back down to kick and punch our seats.

The flight attendant walked by, saw the kids on the ground during turbulence, and told the woman again they had to be in a seat. She put them back again, but again told them it was my mother, 'the mean lady's,' fault and called my mom a bad name a couple of times."

They Didn't Want To Travel With Their Dad After This
They Didn't Want To Travel With Their Dad After This

"We were visiting Canada for my cousin's wedding. My dad was already in a bad mood because we couldn't find the car rental place and we were all tired.

My dad got into a huge argument with the clerk because he thought 1) we were being cheated out of our money and 2) something involving the gas tank (It was full, but I don't remember the actual reason why). Even though the employee kept telling him it worked and it was just a minor error, he wouldn't listen. He spent the next 20 to 30 minutes yelling and storming around about the unfair business practices, interrupting other customers during their transactions to tell them they are being deceived, and eventually forced them to give us another car.

I was appalled by his lack of reasoning and how stupidly angry he got. This wasn't like a tense negotiation type of situation; this was a pure tantrum with swearing, high-voice yelling, and flailing about. The only reason why we weren't kicked out was because his kids were there, and they at least had the heart to not do that.

Because of that, I never want to travel with him again."

She Was Like Something Out Of A Bad Romantic Comedy
She Was Like Something Out Of A Bad Romantic Comedy

"My wife and I were pulling into Olive Garden, because you know, it's an easy date night place. As we parked and started to get out of the car, I noticed this middle-aged guy, hurriedly walking from the entrance and towards his car, one row down from mine. Not far from behind him was this younger lady following him, looking mad and yelling for him to stop. My wife and I were still halfway out our cars doors when we heard it all go down.

The guy stopped right by his car door and the lady came up to him and she started laying into him. I couldn't really hear everything she was saying but I could tell it wasn't nice. After about 30 seconds of this, I guess the guy got fed up with it and sternly said, 'This is over,' and immediately got in his car. Needless to say, the girl did not take it well. She immediately started shouting at this point, repeatedly screaming, 'It's not over, it can't be over!'

At this point, the guy was about to back out of his parking spot and when he changed gear, her words did a 180 but her actions went off the edge. She started yelling that he couldn't leave and had to stay with her, all while hitting on his driver door window. This didn't stop him, however, and he started backing out. She started crying and yelling at this point, resorting to taking off her flip-flop and hitting all over the left side of his car, while trying in vain to open the door while this guy backed out. I should mention that both my wife and I were just standing outside my car, watching this all unfold, no words between us.

The guy eventually backed out of the spot and she starts to sobbingly yell, 'WHAT DID I DO WRONG? YOUR JUST GOING TO LEAVE ME HERE?' all while still hitting his car and at one point, making a poor attempt at jumping on the hood before getting off. The guy slowly started making his way to the parking lot exit, with her in tow, trying to grab onto the back of his car as if that would stop him. All this time, she never stopped yelling. Just as he got to the exit, she tripped, stumbled, and let go of his car to regain balance. He took advantage of this and burned out of the parking lot as much as a stock Honda Civic can burn out, leaving this girl in utter defeat.

She then just stood there, sobbing and looking so pathetic. I almost felt sorry for her but this was a grown woman that resorted to hitting her significant other's car with her shoes while shouting at such volumes that it nearly drowned out the traffic from the nearby interstate. I had little pity, as did my wife. The girl then got out her cellphone and sat down on the sidewalk, still sobbing and looking like someone had just kicked her.

My wife and I took this as our cue to head inside after watching that train wreck. That was one of the first times I've ever seen an adult act like someone out of a bad romantic comedy movie."

He Obviously Wasn't Used To Be Served Last
He Obviously Wasn't Used To Be Served Last

"I used to work valet at an expensive restaurant. We had a lot of regulars that would come in and some were quite particular about having their cars left directly in front of the restaurant. As long as the customers were tippers, we would make that happen.

So one night, it was a VIP's birthday and this guy was loaded. He and three of his buddies showed up with their wives, all of whom happened to also be big VIPs at our restaurant. So at this point, we had a Mercedes SLS AMG (birthday boy's), and three Rolls-Royce Phantoms in front of the restaurant. This took up pretty much all of our room we had to work with for our VIPs.

About an hour later, Mr. Jerkface showed up. He said he was with the party and that we better keep his car out front. Fair enough, but we were running out of room at this point, so we put his car the furthest away (gotta keep birthday boy close).

So when the party started to leave, we obviously got birthday boy's car ready first because, well, it was his birthday. It just so happened though, that Mr. Jerkface was at the top of the line, thus the last person to get his car. When he realized this, he started throwing a temper tantrum. Mr. Jerkface called me and my co-worker just about every name he can think of while clenching his fists seemingly ready to throw down. I should make it clear that the top of the line is approximately 20 meters from the front of the restaurant and this man was about to start crying.

So Jerkface left and obviously didn't drop a tip. I made sure to fart in his car before he left though."

You Would Expect The Scouts To Act Like That, Not The Adults
You Would Expect The Scouts To Act Like That, Not The Adults

"I had an adult on a Boy Scout outing who acted like a 2-year-old for the majority of the trip. The entire car ride consisted of him trying to rib our boys and make fun of them with jokes a high schooler would consider childish. Nothing very discriminatory or 'bad,' however, I could tell the boys were just a bit uncomfortable. He was much worse because I couldn't say anything to make him stop without essentially yelling at him in front of our Scouts. I kept silent.

I avoided him as much as I could. The only other time I had more than five seconds of contact with him was when we were going to repel off of a rather large cliff. We had a limited amount of figure-8 loops to use for repelling (and about four more safety harnesses than figure-8s), so we went in groups. As the boys finished their repel, they handed their figure-8 off to those that hadn't gone yet to put on their harness. As I went to grab a figure-8 from a harness one of our scouts had taken off, he tried to go for it and was too slow. Cue him starting to complain about how 'I just wanted to be first.' In front of a few of our scouts, no less. So I handed him the Figure-8 and grabbed the next one.

Once we got to the top of the cliff we were going to repel off of, we had to clip our harnesses onto a safety line on the top of the cliff. This was so if we slipped, we wouldn't fall to our deaths (the cliff was narrow, and the repel point was about 20 yards out on the cliff). I was in front of him 'in line' to repel. When the wind started blowing toward him, he started complaining about me needing to shower and wear more deodorant. I hadn't showered in two days -- the camp showers were disgusting, and I was planning on showing that night anyway. Yet here he was, again complaining about the most pointless thing.

Thankfully, we only had one scout who was waiting to start repelling down the cliff in earshot."

You Want To Talk About Disgusting?
You Want To Talk About Disgusting?

"I was in the restroom of a large department store, doing my thing, when a very large man walked in. Now, when I say large, I mean HUGE. He must have been well over 300 pounds. I was in the urinal closest to the corner, and of course, he took the one next to me. He pulled down his pants all the way down to his ankles and started urinating.

There were no dividers between these particular urinals, and so of course horrified 15 year old me can see everything. I was so shocked that I just stopped mid-stream and basically ran out of the bathroom.

A few minutes later, the same guy walked up to me in the store and said, 'You should really wash your hands after you use the bathroom, that's kind of disgusting.'"

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