There's no question about it... kids can be just downright awful at times. No matter what they try to do, it seems like there comes a time when even those with the strongest will and a seemingly endless supply of patience meet their match.

A Reddit thread recently asked babysitters to reveal the most demonic kids they ever had the displeasure of babysitting, and they weren't afraid to hold back. So buckle up and prepare yourself for some of the worst kids that have ever walked the surface of the Earth. Content has been edited for clarity.

There Was Only So Much She Could Take
There Was Only So Much She Could Take

"I babysat for a few families on my street as a teenager. Word of mouth spread and a family maybe six streets away asked me to watch their three kids. That seemed like a lot for not knowing them, but they said they'd only be gone a few hours.

The parents left and the kids - two little boys and a girl - turned into demon spawns. The boys tormented their younger sister until she was literally hiding/clinging to my legs and clothes. I turned on a movie and they were okay for a minute.

Then the older boy got up and pulled his pants down and literally just started urinating in the middle of the living room (he was totally potty trained... like 6). I freaked out and started to clean it up and sent the boy to his room. The other brother followed him, as they shared a room, and just sat there with him. The girl snuck downstairs throughout all this, and unbeknownst to me, started making an F5-grade mess.

After I cleaned the pee, I went to get them out of the boys' room. Surprise, door was closed. Oh, and apparently locked.... the younger boy was only like 3 and was crying because he couldn't open it and his brother wouldn't let him out. The older boy was defiant and just screaming at me, 'NO I'M NOT OPENING IT. YOU'RE NOT MY MOM! I WANT MY MOMMY!'

We had a stand off for a few minutes before I realized the girl was gone.

Well, I wasn't getting the boys out, so I went to get the phone and call the parents while I tried to find the girl. She pulled out ALL the toys and they were everywhere and I couldn't find her because she was like in a pillow pile somewhere.

I don't really have an ending to the story, but needless to say, I was pretty much in tears by the time they came home. One of them drove me home and kept apologizing and hoped I'd still give them another chance.

That did not happen."

She'll Probably Be On The News Someday
She'll Probably Be On The News Someday

"I babysit for a a family that has three kids, one of them I'm convinced is some kind of demon. Sometimes the parents go on overnight trips so I spend the night.

I woke up one morning to the demon child standing over me with her hand above my throat, not touching me, but just floating above.

She also claws her siblings when she gets mad at them and leaves deep gashes. She's even done it to me.

They have a young one who used to lock herself in rooms by accident, so none of their doors close all the way. Went to pee one time, demon child stared at me the entire time through the crack. Did not listen when I told her to go sit down multiple times.

She also has a twisted view of animals and is constantly strangling their cats and talking about wanting to kill the birds outside her window.

Overall, she's a pretty creepy child and I won't be surprised if I see her on the news someday."

There's A First (And Last) Time For Everything
There's A First (And Last) Time For Everything

"I babysat all through junior high and high school to make my spending money. The worst was a referral for the friends of a family I babysat for all the time. There were two twin boys who were 8, and a little girl who was just starting her toilet training.

The kids were very nice during the introductions, but they were hyper as soon as their parents left. The boys whooped and hollered and chased each other through the house. I convinced them to play Legos or whatever in their room to quiet them down because I had to deal with the little girl who needed to potty. She kept trying to poop in her little training potty but it wasn't happening. Then I heard the boys screaming at the top of their lungs, so I left the girl on her potty to find out why the boys were freaking out.

The boys' bedroom had two single beds. Each boy was standing on his bed PEEING at the other one like they were having a pee pee duel. They got urine everywhere, on the walls, the carpet, the sheets and all over each other. I'm ticked at these kids and tell them to change their clothes and strip the sheets. They just keep laughing at me and make me chase them around the house like it is a funny game to be soaked in pee.

Meanwhile, the little girl (who is not wearing any pants or undies) drags her potty into the kitchen singing at the top of her lungs about how she pooped and wants me to look. When one of the boys runs through the kitchen, he accidentally overturns the potty and poop gets all over the linoleum.

As much as I wanted to cry from utter frustration, I managed to hold my temper and calm them all down enough while I cleaned up as best I could...tough when it isn't your house and I had no idea where they kept all their cleaning supplies.

When the parents finally came home, they didn't offer any apologies for how their kids behaved or any extra tip or anything like that. Needless to say, that was the first and last time I ever babysat for that family!"

Questions You Don't Ask
Questions You Don't Ask

"I usually take care of three siblings. The younger ones, a girl and a boy who are twins and 9 years old, usually ask me the strangest questions. One day, the boy turned to me and asked me if I shaved my legs. I said that yes, I do. Then, the girl asked me if I shaved my private parts' hair. I was so surprised by the question that before answering, the little boy just tells me that their mom doesn't do it.

'But,' he continues, 'she has her legs shaved because my dad does it for her when they take showers together!'

At the end of the night, it was a bit weird looking at their parents' faces when they arrived."

No Wonder The Kids Act That Way
No Wonder The Kids Act That Way

"I'm not technically a babysitter, but for a few months, I had to babysit my husband's nieces and nephews. These kids are awful. Their parents neglect them and it shows. Here are a few highlights:

The two oldest were sisters and they hated each other. They get into a fight over the TV and the older sister starts chasing after the younger sister around the house and eventually smashes the younger sister's fingers in the bathroom door. While the younger sister is crying, the older sister is laughing maniacally.

I decide I have to keep the two smaller ones with me at all times due to their antics. I put them on the kitchen counter to 'help' me cook. They actually start behaving and I thought I had found a successful method in handling them. I was wrong. One asks me a question while the other takes out glasses from the cupboard and starts smashing them on the ground. I go to stop her when the other little one starts smashing plates.

My in-law's house was filthy and roach infested. While one of the kids was eating dinner, a roach apparently crawled across his plate, he started hysterically crying. I go to calm him down and one of the others runs into the kitchen, opens every spice she can get get hand on and dumps them all over the kitchen.

I rescued a two week old kitten. Nursed him back to health and adopted him. One day while I was doing dishes, the 2 youngest kids took him outside and tried to drown him in the above ground pool. Twice. He survived.

That's just a few. There are several other stories that make me so grateful to have moved far away from them all."

Sometimes The Parents Are Worse Than The Kids
Sometimes The Parents Are Worse Than The Kids

"I am a full-time nanny and have been for the past five years, but in childcare for the past 12. I am primarily a nanny of multiples ranging from twins to quadruplets. Now, with that being said, you'd think I had run across a handful of demon children, which I have, but dear lord, it's the parents that are the demons on more than one occasion.

The one in particular that comes to mind:

I started with a morning family that I found through after my regular family shortened my hours to afternoons only. When I first interviewed, the mom was notably odd, very in touch with emotions, and very particular about food. She stated that she wanted me from 7 am to noon, Monday through Friday for her 5-year-old son and her 3-year-old son while she either ran errands, or worked from the home. Not too weird so far, but then she asked me what my parenting style was. I told her that my style was whatever hers was. I am perfectly fine altering my nannying style to fit each individual family's needs. She told me she was wanting the answer of what I was going to do when I was a parent, not in nannying. I told her my philosophy (be kind, be consistent, time outs for bad behavior).

She then told me hers: 'We don't tell our children 'no.' We don't take their toys away. We don't do time outs. We don't spank.'

So, to say the least, I was confused about how they run their household. Pretty much, she believed that each child had this 'emotional backpack' where they store their feelings, and they need to express them constantly. She also mentioned to me that both of her children sleep in her bed.

All well and good, but here's how her children acted with it once I was hired:

I asked the 3-year-old to lay down so I could change him. He refused, so I gave him a warning that I was going to pick him up and lay him down to change him. He then ran off to his mother screaming and crying. I told her why he was crying and this is what she said: 'Did Brittany do something to upset you? You just go ahead and cry, I'll hold you.' Then once he was done with his tantrum, she said, 'I'm so proud of you for getting all those big feelings out.'

No. Your child threw a tantrum because he didn't want his butt changed. He doesn't need praise for that.

The 5-year-old was very independent, very smart, and very OCD. At one point, his brother and I were coloring. Now, as normal 3-year-olds do, he was scribbling. The 5-year-old came in and started taunting his brother and telling him he was doing everything wrong. I told the older brother, 'Your brother is trying to express his creativity. Let's encourage him, rather than criticize him.' The 5-year-old burst in to tears and ran to his mother, and he had the biggest wail about this, to which the mother responded the same as before.

The 5-year-old was mad at his mother because she told him to get dressed. He came up, hit her across the face while screaming. She just let him. She kept praising him for getting his 'big feelings' out. He's still hitting her, so she takes him to the shower, turns the water on both of them (fully clothed) and tries to get him to calm down.

So, besides those incidents, I can't get either child to do anything, especially with the mother around. After a few weeks, she introduced me to more rules, and more expectations. She wanted me to have a schedule with them, and wanted me to do some homeschooling. No big deal, got it. But then, anytime I told them it was time to do something, she'd swoop in and say that they could just play instead. Like, the children just woke up that morning and I told them to brush their teeth. They said they wanted to play, and the mom negotiated with them by asking them if that's what they thought they 'felt' they needed to do. Like, no matter what I or the mother said it was time to do, as long as the kid 'felt' like he didn't need to do said thing, then he didn't need to do so. At one point, the mom and I took the kids to the library. I told her we needed to finish up soon because I needed to get going to my other job soon. We got to the car, and because the five year old didn't 'feel' like getting in the car, she let him stand outside for 25 minutes before he 'felt' like getting in the car, resulting in me being late for my next job.

The last note is that she didn't allow any electronics in the bedroom. Not even an alarm clock. So this meant that I had to wait every single day in the cold, ringing the doorbell constantly (sometimes up to 45 minutes) for them to come answer the door.

Needless to say, I quit within two months. It was utterly ridiculous. At the end of it, she asked me to review her family and children. She asked me the pros and cons. She was very shocked to hear that the only pro I listed was that they children had a very good vocabulary."

Like Something Out Of A Movie
Like Something Out Of A Movie

"I only babysat once in my life, and never again.

I was 25 or so, working for a research group at a university. The secretary was a nice lady, and had a horrible family emergency so she had to leave town for a night. She was scrambling to try to find someone to cover her at home, because her kids couldn't be left alone since they were 10 and 14. Anyways, I felt bad for her, I lived just down the street. I didn't have plans, so I figured, I'll be a standup guy. It was a big mistake.

She was a single mom, with two kids who she admitted were 'troubled,' I had no idea how much till I tried to take care of them.

I can't put together a good narrative on this, so I'll just give you all of what I remember:

The older of the kids, a 14-year-old had a 'date' at the movie theatre with some friends. His mother said this was okay, so I drove him, dropped him off. Spent the next couple of hours watching Super Troopers with the 10-year-old kid who told me it was his favorite movie which was okayed by the mom. So though the movie seemed questionable, I actually liked it a lot. Things are off to a solid start, easy street.

The movie theatre (not the kid at it) called and told me I had to come pick him up or they were going to call the cops. I heard him screaming something I couldn't make out on the other side of the phone. I probably should have let him go to jail.

I phoned the mom, no answer, no answer the rest of the evening.

I got to the movie theatre. Turns out the kid got into a fight with his friend during the movie and peed on him (this theme will return later).

The manager at the movies was mad because they had to clean up the pee, wanted the damage paid for, etc. I explained to the guy I was just helping out, so I gave him their home phone number. He started to side with me since the kid calmed down.

I drove the kid back, not knowing what to say to him. The ride was mostly quiet until I got close to the house and smelled smoke. The 10-year-old had a lighter and tried to light the back of one of the seats on fire (thankfully not my car, it was the mom's, but still).

I should have called the cops myself by this point, but it's one of those things where you figure it'll just be over soon. However, it never ended.

They wanted to watch Super Troopers again and order pizza. I told them it was late already (it was 10 by now) and no. They told me their mom never says no and they were watching the movie. I wasn't sure exactly how to enforce anything on these kids so I said fine but no pizza. One of them went upstairs and ordered a pizza when he said he was going up to use the washroom.

I fell asleep. When I woke up, one of the kids was trying to rob me (pull the wallet out of my pants). I caught him and he claimed he heard my cell phone ringing and was trying to answer it for me, which was a stupid (these kids weren't just bad, they were stupid) because my cell was on the table right in front of us.

When the pizza arrived, I had no idea who was knocking on the door. Since the kid failed to get money from me, he ran to the door and grabbed the pizza, then pushed the pizza guy and slammed and locked the door. He told me, 'We have free pizza, we must have won a contest or something! How did they even know we wanted pizza?' I opened the door and paid the guy, I wasn't sure what else to do in that situation.

When the movie ended, they said they were going to bed which was great.

I slept on the couch downstairs. I actually didn't hear them till about 2 am when I heard a scream like someone got shot and then what sounded like bangs from upstairs.

I ran up the stairs and found the 10-year-old crying and smashing a hammer into the door of the bathroom. I looked at the other doors and found one of them off its hinges and there was something sticky on the ground and in the kid's hair/face.

Turns out the 14-year-old waited for his brother to sleep, then poured a cup he'd collected his pee in on the kid's head, then ran. The 10-year-old somehow ran right through the door trying to get him and the 14-year-old locked himself in the bathroom.

I had to wrestle the hammer out of the younger kid's hand. He was livid; he was going to kill his brother when he got out of the bathroom.

The 14-year-old slept in the locked bathroom.

I cleaned the 10-year-old's face/hair off in the sink in the kitchen because the other kid wouldn't come out. While I was cleaning him, we heard the door opening, and the 10-year-old tried to grab a knife from the kitchen and go up there to presumably make good on this threat. I managed to stop him.

I locked all the knives and other things I found that looked like weapons in the mom's car. And I told the 14-year-old to actually stay in the bathroom or he might die. Then I watched Super Troopers on an endless loop until the other kid passed out finally. I was too nervous to sleep.

When the mom came home the next morning, I just gave her the keys to the car, told her to ask her kids what happened cause I couldn't relive it. And good luck."

I Wouldn't Trust That Kid With A Cat
I Wouldn't Trust That Kid With A Cat

"I babysit a 5-year-old once in a while for a family friend. I had been watching him since he was 2. He was always alright, until one day he went to use the bathroom. I thought he had been in there a bit too long so I knocked on the door, there was no answer. I thought maybe he was being shy so I waited a bit longer. After 10 minutes total of him being in there, I opened the unlocked door to a wet ball of black fur and mixed smells bolting out and running through the house.

The kid was in there with a bottle of shampoo upside down in his hands. He had broken into the child lock on the sink cabinet and trapped the cat in the bathtub. This all seemed kind of mean, but innocent enough until I noticed the drano, nail polish remover, hydrogen peroxide, pretty much everything was open in the cabinet.

He was systematically going through everything in the cabinet and dumping it on the cat. I asked why and he said stone-faced, 'I'm trying to kill it. I hate that cat.' I still can't believe the cat didn't make more noise or that it didn't die. I put the kid in his room until I could catch and clean the cat. The mom came home and she said it wasn't the first time, but she apologized and paid me extra."

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree
The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree

"Being the youngest of all my cousins (and by youngest I mean they all had 1-3 children and I was only 15), I was the designated babysitter for all of them. During high school, I babysat at least three times a week. Great money, but these kids were nuts. Some nights went super smoothly and I was paid pretty well most of the time so I didn't complain too much. My worst nights by far would always be with the same set of children. Two boys and a girl, all about two years apart. My cousin (their mom) had recently gotten a divorce and was definitely making up for some lost years in the partying department. All these kids did the whole time I babysat them was scream and fight and trying to discipline them was impossible.

One time, shortly after Halloween, I got out to their house to what can only be described as a war zone. The kids' uncle had been watching them for a couple hours before I got there and basically let them do whatever they wanted. There were candy wrappers everywhere and they were sprinting up and down the hallway. He couldn't have gotten out of there fast enough when he saw me pull up. So now I was left with a group of wild, hyper children. So I tried my best to get them to settle down and watch a movie. I bust out some popcorn and everything seemed to be going well. I even got them to bed with little issue. Now my cousins were usually home by a little after midnight and that was never an issue with me. I would usually just hang out on the couch and watch some TV until they got home. Well this particular time, 1 o'clock passed, 2 o'clock passed, 3 o'clock passed and I was getting pretty confused. During this time, I'd been intermittently falling asleep and waking up just to be more confused by the fact that their mom wasn't home yet. Next thing I knew, I was being woken up by the three kids standing beside the couch asking me to make them breakfast. It was now 8 am and I'd heard nothing from their mom. So I made them breakfast and then found out that their mom had been passed out on the other couch in the backroom this whole time, hungover and useless."

It Couldn't Get Worse, Right?
It Couldn't Get Worse, Right?

"I used to babysit my neighbors' kids. Actually, I babysat them for one night. That was all.

There were three of them, and the mother never really learned how to discipline any of them, as all three were literally the red-headed demon children you always hear about. I don't remember their names now, but they were ages 12, 9, and 6. The 9-year-old boy, Mikey, was on some sort of medication for an anger problem. The 6-year-old boy, Matty, looked up to 9 and copied him, and the 12-year-old, the sister Molly, was more mild-mannered but tolerable alone.

It started off normal, Matty and Mikey are riding their bikes around the neighborhood and Molly and I are doing a puzzle. Eventually, the kids get bored, so we broke out their game of Connect Four. That went well for all of maybe five minutes. Mikey lost his game to Molly, so he throws the entire game set at her, and she continues to tease him which makes him angrier. Mikey continues to throw things around and I ask him to stop, that's not nice. He yells 'SHUT UP' and tried to attack his sister.

So Molly runs away screaming with Mikey following behind. Matty decides to try and get involved but somehow trips and connects with Mikey's foot as he's running. Now I've got 2 kids beating each other up and one with a bloody nose. I decide to leave Mikey and Molly to it while I deal with Matty's bloody nose here. I'm holding a crying, screaming Matty over a sink with hot water running and just let him bleed there while I'm trying to stay calm and have Molly and Mikey calm down. I did end up screaming STOP to the kids, and they stopped.

Back to Matty, who's still crying over a bloody nose. I realize, great, this sink isn't draining. That's when Mikey goes 'oh yeah that sink doesn't work.' Okay, awesome, now I've got blood to clean off the carpet, tile, and now have a sink full of bloody water. Of course, this is when Mikey decides to lose his mind and grabs a pocket knife from his mother's end table and tries to stab Molly with it. Seriously? I take that knife from him, so of course, he comes back from the kitchen with another knife. Yay.

Well, at least he's stopped trying to stab his sister. For the time being, he has resorted to stabbing all of his mother's furniture instead. By now I've called the mom like 4 times, but she isn't answering her phone. So I end up calling my stepmom, who's retired military because someone's going to die and, being 17 at the time, I'm starting to lose my cool. So, to recap, there is blood everywhere, holes in all the furniture, and a psycho 9-year-old with knives (I put up all the kitchen knives but he had some hidden in his room). So my stepmom runs over and sees exactly that. I explain to her the situation, and she ends up restraining Mikey while I clean up the mess.

Finally, mom calls back and I explain the situation to her as well, and she says calmly, 'Yeah his medication must have worn off. Just tell him he's done nothing wrong and give him what he wants.' Forget that. I got paid $80, got out of there, and that was my very last time babysitting."

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